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Florida Powerball $590.5 Million Winner Profile: 10 Things We Can Learn About Gloria MacKenzie

Powerball’s mystery winner finally revealed herself two weeks ago, but Gloria MacKenzie is still somewhat of an enigma to the rest of the world. Here are 10 things that we’ve learned since MacKenzie stepped into the public eye to claim her prize.

1.       If it weren’t for Mindy Crandell, she may not have won $590.5 million  

Crandell was standing in line at the Publix Supermarket in front of MacKenzie and was kind enough to let her go ahead of her to buy her ticket. Even though MacKenzie opted for the Quick Pick ticket, the infinitesimal odds of the randomly generated numbers could have been different had Crandell decided not to be so courteous that day.

2.       She’s allergic to the spotlight

While most lotto players have their smiles, acceptance speeches, and first purchases ready to go before the numbers are even announced, MacKenzie was all business when she arrived to the Tallahassee based Florida Lottery headquarters. She issued a statement, but was quick to evade the flurry of press reporters after picking up her one-time lump sum $370.7 million win.     

3.      She lives in a modest home

MacKenzie’s Zephyrhills home is anything but lavish. She lives in a small, two-room, tin-roofed duplex. It might be safe to say that she’ll be moving out soon…

4.       She’s an 84 year old retiree from Maine

MacKenzie is originally from East Millinocket, Maine. Its Great Northern Paper Co. mill has been the lifeblood of this small Maine town, which saw a downturn and a closure of the mill in 2010, sending the town into an agonizing decline. In October 2011, a Portland based alternative energy investment firm inherited the mill, spurring a renewed growth in the town’s job infrastructure.

5.       Her quick pick ticket made history

The $590.5 million jackpot made lotto history for a number of reasons. Not only is it the largest Powerball jackpot in the multi-state lotteries’ 21 year existence, it is also the second largest lottery jackpot in American history, second to the Mega Millions $656 million jackpot from April of 2012. This is also the single most valuable winning lottery ticket ever.

6.       Zephyrhills’ entire budget is chump change compared to her fortune

MacKenzie’s city has a budget of $49 million, meaning she could finance Zephyrhills 7.5 times over (before taxes). MacKenzie is one out of a population of 13,337 in Zephyrhills, a town known for producing bottled water.


7.       She isn’t letting the USA Powerball lottery change her life too much

MacKenzie was spotted last week at the retail giant Walmart on Monday, June 10th by photographers. Afterward, she reportedly retreated to a lunch at Joe’s Crab Shack restaurant in Jacksonville, FL. It seems that MacKenzie isn’t planning on going on too many crazy spending sprees at expensive stores with her new found fortune!

8.       She did NOT pick up a huge tab for 180 customers at a local Plant City, FL restaurant.

MacKenzie was confused with a lookalike who generously paid for a $2,600 tab at Buddy Freddy’s in Plant City, FL. According to the restaurant staff and patrons, this mystery woman looked an awful lot like MacKenzie, but the woman denied that she had won the Powerball mega jackpot when they asked. Some believe that this generous customer may have won big at the nearby Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and decided to share the wealth.

9.       She is splitting her Powerball jackpot win with her son

Family comes first; this is a creed that MacKenzie lives by. She is splitting her $278 million Powerball pay-out with her son, Scott MacKenzie. The only big purchase that she plans to make is a new home that she will share with her son.

10.       Her $278 million  lump-sum beats the net-worth of many celebrity power couples

MacKenzie’s $278 million prize beats Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s net worth of $270 million. She also surpasses the net worth of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith ($208 million) and David and Victoria Beckham ($255 million).






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