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US Powerball Lottery: A New World Record on the Horizon

The US Powerball Lotto jackpot is set at $425 million in anticipation for Wednesday’s upcoming draw. In the past, strong ticket sales have increased the jackpot amount before the lottery results drawing, even by hundreds of millions of dollars. Could it break the world record?

January 15th, 2012 was a fateful day for the US Powerball Lottery. On that day, US Powerball officials took a great risk by doubling the ticket price in order to increase the starting jackpot to $40 million, bump the second prize up to $1 million, $2 million with Power Play, and decrease the Powerball guess range.

Many stood by sceptically as a US Powerball spokesperson explained that the new structure could create a $500 million jackpot by the end of 2012 and even a $1 billion top prize by 2022. However, with the current Powerball jackpot standing proudly at $425 million after 14 rollovers, this optimistic speculation seems more plausible than ever before.

The current Powerball jackpot has set a new US Powerball record, already $60 million larger than the previous record-holder, a $365 million jackpot won by eight Nebraska factory workers in 2006. The top prize, which could continue to grow in anticipation for Wednesday’s 2012/94 draw, is inching close and closer to the largest jackpot in the world, a $656 million Mega Millions jackpot from March, 2012.

Mary Neubauer, a spokeswoman for the Iowa Lottery said that the current Powerball jackpot was right on track. She stated, “We believed the jackpots would grow fast and grow large because of the change in the game, and it does appear that it is working.”

While over $200 million separate the current US Powerball jackpot from the Mega Millions world record-holder, the buzz and excitement surrounding the Powerball prize could push the jackpot up by millions in the upcoming days. In fact, during the Mega Millions mania that swept across the US and around the world in March, the jackpot gained $180 million in a matter of days due to stronger than expected ticket sales.

The $425 million Powerball top prize is poised to swell in a similar trend, especially given its impeccable timing, coinciding with the busiest shopping days of the year in the US, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In cities across America, Black Friday shoppers stopped off at their local lottery counters to pick up tickets for the US Powerball, then the fourth-largest Powerball prize. Now that the jackpot is officially the lottery’s largest prize ever, it promises to be a hot item in tomorrow’s Cyber Monday sales online.

With the entire country enjoying a holiday weekend, many retailers believe that Powerball sales will soar. One Iowa Lottery spokesperson stated that a large jackpot run of this magnitude has never occurred during a major holiday and the outcome could be astonishing. The holiday season is upon us and many lottery fans could use an additional $325 million to spend on gifts for friends and family.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of history! Enter Wednesday’s US Powerball Lottery here. Can the current US Powerball jackpot grow to become the world’s largest lottery jackpot ever? Leave your comments below.

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