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What do lottery winners buy? – September 26th, 2012

What do lottery winners buy? That is the key question the lottery world wants answering when a jackpot winner is revealed in the media.

Looking back at the hundreds of high-profile lottery jackpot stories from around the world, three items appear high on every overnight millionaire’s shopping list – holidays, property and cars. And here is a glimpse at how some recent winners chose to splash their cash on these big-ticket items.


The first trip one takes as a millionaire could be anywhere in the world and at any resort, in any suite, with any number of added luxuries and refinements.

Welsh couple Lyn Sexton and Ian Pearce landed a €1.2 million jackpot playing the EuroMillions in June of this year and revealed to the press that the first thing they would do is take a trip to the Caribbean for Mr Pearce’s 50th birthday with all their friends and close family.

But such a break does not have to be flashy, as young couple Matt Topham and Cassey Carrington – who landed a €53 million fortune playing the European lottery this year – went camping to Wales to celebrate their windfall.


Christine and Colin Weir – who are probably the most famous lottery winners from the UK in recent years after landing €185 million playing the EuroMillions in July 2011 – knew when they won the lotto that they wanted to stay near their beloved hometown of Largs, so splashed out on a £850,000 mansion in the area and have since added luxury features including a swimming pool, spa pool and top-of-the-range greenhouse.

But in addition to setting up their own dream home, the couple have bought homes for their friends too after they purchased a number of new houses on a local estate, with the street being affectionately nicknamed Weirs’ Way in honour of the pair.


Lottery prize money means being able to buy the car of your dreams and Gavin Davies of Neath, who scooped the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle prize in January, splashed out in true lotto winner style on a white Lamborghini Spyder.

But not everybody’s fantasies include a sports car, as Hoosier Lottery winner Ricky Wilbur used some of his $5 million payout on a Chevrolet pickup truck.

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