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Three crazy lotto stories proving how luck can change – April 24th 2012

Lottery fans may think they have been dealt some pretty unusual hands by Lady Luck along the way, but these stories unearthed by of three lotto winners prove that luck can affect people in unbelievably crazy ways.

Dreaming of millions

Toronto pensioner Mary Wollens landed herself a lottery jackpot in 2006 after she dreamt of a lotto ticket and a large cheque.

Interestingly, the 86-year-old had already entered a draw using the numbers that appeared in her dream, but the vision prompted her to buy a second ticket with the same combination.

Incredibly, Ms Wollens ended up picking six winning numbers correctly on both tickets, entitling her to two-thirds of a C$24 million jackpot, with the final third going to another lucky soul.

Fortunately forgetful

For the majority of people, being absent-minded can cause a lot of problems, but for one 57-year-old Brit, it meant doubling a lottery win.

Derek Ladner had forgotten that he had already entered the UK National Lottery in July 2007, using the same numbers on both lines.

As luck would have it, these six regular numbers entitled Mr Ladner and his wife to two-fifths of a £2.3 million jackpot split between them and three other winners.

Camelot, the UK’s official lottery coordinator, said this was the first time a player had ever won the jackpot twice in the same draw after giving him a cheque for £599,000.

A reversal of fate

One of the most remarkable lottery winners who has experienced the entire fortune spectrum is Croatian Frane Selak.

The elderly music teacher survived when his train fromSarajevo to Dubrovnik derailed, killing 17 passengers in 1962 – and in 1963, he fell out of a plane toRijekawhen the cockpit door blew off, walking away unscathed after landing in a haystack.

In 1966, he escaped a bus crash in which four passengers died and dodged death twice more in 1970 and 1973 when his car burst into flames on two occasions.

Mr Selak was injured in 1995 when a bus hit him and he also drove off a cliff in 1996 landing in a tree, but his fortunes changed when in 2003 he won the Croatian Lottery jackpot.

“I know God was watching me over all these years,” he said.

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