Play SuperEnalotto Online

How Do You Play SuperEnalotto Online?

How Do You Play SuperEnalotto Online?

Play SuperEnalotto online by choosing six numbers from a guess range of 1-90. You can select your numbers manually, by using the Quick Pick option, or your saved Lucky Numbers. The Italian lottery offers players a jackpot and six secondary prize divisions. You will see a scanned copy of your official SuperEnalotto lottery ticket in your account before the draw with theLotter’s See Your Ticket Service.

Play with a standard ticket or a systematic form to increase your chances of winning. Learn more about How it Works.

Italy’s SuperEnalotto is drawn every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 19:00 GMT.

What is the SuperEnalotto Jolly Number?

What Is the SuperEnalotto Jolly Number?

SuperEnalotto draws feature a bonus ball called the "Jolly" number that creates a boosted second division 5+1 prize. To win, players need to match 5 winning numbers and the bonus Jolly number, which is drawn from the same drum as the 6 main numbers. The Jolly is not required to win the jackpot, but it can help boost a second-place prize when you play SuperEnalotto online.

More Ways to Win with Italy's SuperEnalotto Lottery

What Is the Difference Between Italy's SuperEnalotto and SuperStar?

The SuperStar is an additional number drawn from the same drum as the main SuperEnalotto numbers that boosts all SuperEnalotto prize winnings, similar to Mega Millions' Megaplier, or US Powerball's Power Play option.

By playing SuperEnalotto with the SuperStar option, you have a chance at winning an extra €2 million on top of the regular SuperEnalotto jackpot, and €1 million on top of SuperEnalotto’s second-place prize. The SuperStar can also multiply secondary prizes by 25-100 times and offers additional prize divisions!

For more information about playing the lottery in Italy, including details of the Italy Lotto game, please see our Superenalotto Guide.

Save on Italian Lottery Tickets Online

How Can You Save on SuperEnalotto Lottery Tickets Online?

Buy lottery tickets online with theLotter to save big! Save up to 25% with a 5, 10, 25 or 52-draw SuperEnalotto multi-draw, get hundreds of lines at a fraction of the price with a Superenalotto syndicate, buy a Bundle with a built-in discount, or purchase a SuperEnalotto subscription and get every 7th ticket free.

How to Win the SuperEnalotto Lottery Jackpot

How Do You Win the SuperEnalotto Lottery Jackpot?

You win the SuperEnalotto jackpot if the six numbers on your ticket match those selected in the draw. SuperEnalotto has a guaranteed starting jackpot of €2 million, with a percentage of the ticket sales adding onto this amount. The Italian lottery set a new European jackpot record when it awarded a €371.1 million jackpot in February 2023, a previous record of €209 million was claimed in August 2019. Italy’s SuperEnalotto is famed for its long rollover runs and has attracted the likes of Madonna during waves of multi-million euro jackpot-induced lotto tourism!

Italy SuperEnalotto also offers five secondary prize categories for players who make a partial match of the six numbers selected at the draw.

Didn’t match a prize? No problem! You can also win with the Vincita Immediata! If any of your numbers match all four of the Quadrato magico numbers printed on the ticket, you instantly win 25 Euro! This is in addition to any prizes won in the draw. This prize will be paid directly to your theLotter account.

Learn more by visiting SuperEnalotto’s official website.

How to Claim SuperEnalotto Lottery Prizes at theLotter

How Do You Claim SuperEnalotto Lottery Prizes at theLotter?

When you win a prize while playing lottery online at theLotter, you're eligible to receive FREE notifications of the latest results to your email or via SMS. All secondary winnings are transferred directly into your theLotter account after the official SuperEnalotto results  are published and the prize money has been received from the official lottery operator. Bigger prizes may require personal collection in Italy. Prizes up to €100 are tax free; prizes above that amount will be taxed by the Italian government up to 12% of the wins. Learn more with our Lottery Tax Page.

theLotter's SuperEnalotto Winners

theLotter’s SuperEnalotto Italian Lottery Winners

  • 10/11/2022 - J.J. from India won €24,180
  • 20/8/2022 - D.M. won €16,558
  • 20/4/2019 - B.C. from Switzerland won €20,775.
Latest News About SuperEnalotto Big Winners

Big Jackpot News

  • A new European jackpot record was reached on 16 February 2023 when 90 players from 16 different Italian provinces in a syndicate formed online through lottery operator Sisal, won a record prize of €371.1 million that has been growing since March 2021. It only took a contribution of 5 euros from each member of the winning syndicate to take home a share prize of over €4 million each. This is the biggest European jackpot in history to date!

  • In a sleepy Italian town of only 1,600 people a player in Montappone won the fourth-largest SuperEnalotto jackpot in history. The SuperEnalotto is known to have super difficult odds, but with super difficult odds come super impressive jackpots. This was no different for the Montappone player who matched all six main numbers to win €156 million in the 22 May 2021 draw. That goes to show that even with odds twice as tough as Mega Millions, the SuperEnalotto jackpot is still worth playing for.