Swiss Father-to-Be Wins €20,775.64 SuperEnalotto Prize!

SuperEnalotto is Italy’s biggest lottery known for its long history and high payouts! B.C., our veteran player from Switzerland, won a fantastic SuperEnalotto third division prize worth €20,775.64 in the 20 April 2019 draw! Check out how the soon-to-be father managed to win and what he plans on doing with his impressive Italian prize.

A Win-Win Situation

B.C. signed-up to theLotter in 2017 and has since been playing his favourite lotteries with us pretty regularly. Over the years, he has won hundreds of small prizes, but never one nearly as big as his recent €20,775.64 SuperEnalotto win. During a telephone interview, B.C. said he was extremely happy with his win and that the Italian SuperEnalotto is one of his favourites to play from theLotter . As a soon-to-be father, B.C. confessed that the stroke of luck came just in time for the new addition to his family, “Well, I'm going to pay off some debts and then, I'm going to have a child…. Yes, it's perfect." He explained that while it’s not the €139 million jackpot prize that was up for grabs in the April 20 draw, the €20,775.64 third division prize will definitely improve their situation and help start the new chapter in his family’s life on the right foot!
Check out what B.C. had to say about his exciting Italian lottery win:

Striking Gold

When entering the 20 April 2019 SuperEnalotto draw, he chose his usual combination of personal and random numbers to fill out his entry, but it was one of his Quick Pick lines that managed to win. He said that in general, he uses this unique combination of Quick Pick and personal numbers whenever he plays. This just goes to show that every number combination, whether it’s random or personal, has an equal chance of winning big! So whether you like the convenience of the Quick Pick option or the sentimental value of choosing your own lucky numbers or even a combination of both like B.C., all roads can lead you to straight to the jackpot! Speaking of jackpots, although his third division win was impressive, one more number and B.C. could have won the €139.5 million jackpot!

The winning numbers drawn:

  • 5187687888917

The numbers on B.C.'s ticket:

Austria lotto winner ticket

Perseverance is Key

When asked about his playing habits, B.C. told us that he used to play a lot, but as time went on, he found that it was when he played less frequently that he won the most- including his big win. Luck comes unexpectedly indeed! B.C. has been consistently playing at theLotter from for the past 2 years and it has finally paid off! Although he’s just won a pretty big prize, B.C. is not ready to give up the game just yet. When asked if he’ll continue playing lotteries after this win, he said "Yes, I will continue playing. Regularly but not too much.”

Welcome the Winners Club

B.C. will be joining our Latvian member A.K. who won €578 thousand, a Belgian player who managed to snag €48 thousand, and many more players who have won amazing SuperEnalotto lottery prizes through theLotter! Thinking about trying your luck with SuperEnalotto as well? Read our essential SuperEnalotto guide for all you need to know about playing, including draw times, tax information, winning odds and more!