Play the Loteria de Navidad - El Gordo 

Navidad is the famous Spanish Christmas lottery with the biggest prize pool in the world! Select how many shares you wish to buy from those shown below. Get a discount when you purchase two or more shares! Here's what you need to know how lottery raffles work.

What Is Lotería de Navidad?

Lotería de Navidad, also known as El Gordo de Navidad, is an annual Spanish raffle drawn on 22 December, and the world's biggest raffle. Lotería de Navidad offers a €2.59 billion prize pool and prize-winning odds that start at just 1 in 10. Similar to other Spanish raffles, players purchase one-tenth shares in Navidad tickets and prize money is distributed between ticket shareholders.

The various names for the lottery may seem a bit confusing at first. Lotería de Navidad is officially called Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad but it is also known as the Spanish Christmas El Gordo Lottery as well as the El Gordo de Navidad lottery. El Gordo ("the big one") refers to the first prize and the name is identified with this raffle, as well as with other regularly drawn Spanish lotteries.

How Do You Play El Gordo Lotería de Navidad?

When Loteria de Navidad ticket sales are open, you will be able to purchase your shares for this extremely popular Spanish raffle right here.

How it works: There are 100,000 5-digit codes available on tickets in total, and 185 copies of each of these tickets. Tickets are made up of 10 shares each and you can purchase as many shares as you want. If your ticket wins a prize in the raffle draw, you win a percentage of that prize based on how many shares you purchased.

How to play: To play the El Gordo lottery raffle, choose which of the available 5-digit ticket shares shown on this page you wish to play. Next to each scanned ticket you can see the number of available shares. Click Shuffle to see additional 5-digit ticket shares available for purchase.

Choose how many shares you wish to purchase and click Play to process your order. Exclusively at theLotter, you will get a huge discount when you purchase two or more shares.

The results of the latest El Gordo de Navidad raffle are posted on theLotter following the draw. The winning 5-digit numbers are presented as well as the breakdown of prizes and payout per share in the various prize divisions. You can use our results checker to see if your share won a prize but don't worry, we will notify you if you are a winner!

How Do You Win El Gordo de Navidad Lottery Prizes?

The amount of the El Gordo Navidad prize you won is based on the number of shares you played. For example, if your 5-digit code matches the code drawn for the first prize and you have 1 of the 10 shares, you will receive €400,000 out of the €4 million jackpot. As you can see, the more shares you buy, the larger your prize!

Please see our Lottery Tax information for details of your tax liabilities when you win a Spanish raffle prize.

More Information about the Spanish Lotería de Navidad Lottery

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Don't Miss El Gordo de Navidad!

Lotería de Navidad takes place every year on 22 December, and with a staggering prize pool of €2.59 billion, it is the biggest lottery event in the world. Participate in the Navidad raffle by purchasing shares of tickets with five-digit codes for a chance of winning the "Gordo" prize - €4 million per full ticket. A long list of secondary categories gives you even more chances of winning Navidad prizes. Good luck playing this exciting Spanish raffle!