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Our $1 million
Powerball Winner

“I play all the time on theLotter. I want to win again and some day I believe it will happen. Life is busy so I play online and maintain my Powerball subscription on theLotter. That way I don’t have to worry about forgetting."

Our $250,000 MM winner

Our $250,000
Mega Millions winner

“I was extremely impressed with the service I received before my trip. It wouldn’t have been possible without their excellent customer support team who provided me with everything I could possibly need and more!"

€578,000 SuperStar Winner

Our €578,000
SuperStar Winner

“theLotter did everything in their power to ensure my trip was luxurious, comfortable, and efficient. I made it to Rome on time, collected my prize, and was back home with my win money in no-time!"

Albert G.

I've played with theLotter for several years and really appreciate the site. All of my wins have been credited to my account. Thanks to the entire team at theLotter!"



When I discovered theLotter for the first time in 2016 I immediately had a good feeling! I won the UK Lotto on theLotter and I will win again, maybe a big sum of money. I will rate theLotter everywhere and whenever I can with excellent."


Edward L.

My fascination with the Powerball jackpot made me do some research on how I could participate in the lottery from my home country Kenya, and luckily theLotter made this possible."


Christian V.

My faith in theLotter as a very professional and reputable company was definitely confirmed. I won a big sum of €76,351.50 in the France Loto and the process of transferring the funds went very smoothly." Read the interview here.

Costa Rica

Les D.

We would like to thank theLotter for organising our weekend in Rome in a very professional manner. We got business flight tickets, had a five star hotel booked for us in the centre of Rome."


Misha B.

I purchased a few syndicates for Mega Millions with theLotter and win! theLotter is the best site for playing!"


Paul S.

I play my local Australian lotteries online through theLotter because the entry forms and reporting tools make theLotter's service much more convenient than when you're getting tickets at the local newsagent."


Charles L.

Been a customer for over a year now, never disliked anything about the customer service. All perfect! Hopefully my dreams will come true"

United Kingdom

Hugo T.

I didn't know you can play online until my son in law told me about it, so I signed up and tried a few games on theLotter… so far I won small prizes three times and I'm going to win again!"


Anthony B.



Michael G.

I left France because I married a Canadian and I was sad to never play the loto again but thanks to you I can still play the France Loto! Thank you guys!"


Luis S.

theLotter gave me a great win, let’s do it again! Next time I will win the US Powerball jackpot!"


Maeve K.

this site always tells me when jackpots get big, so I never miss a draw by accident!”


Emma C.

I had a payment problem and your customer support was patient and professional, and went out of their way to make sure I get my money. First class service!"


Michael G.

I used to stick to French lotteries, but then I saw that I could play other lotteries with theLotter so I signed up!"


Carol M.

I love The Lotter, I have been playing it for about 4 years and it is a great site, yes I have checked other sites you get amazing service from The Lotter and staff and I get such a wonderful surprise when I win, I look forward to winning the jackpot very soon. Thank you your amazing service."


Anastasia W.

This is where I come to play Mega Millions and US Powerball!"


Klaus B.

I always get the answers to my questions and I won a few prizes too"


Marco P.

Easy to play, quick to get my wins, I can’t see myself using other site to play the lotto!"


Vova T.

Just wanted to say awesome! I never knew such a service existed until I found your site!"


Nico A.

I was skeptical at first, but I am very impressed with your service."


James N.

I will invite my friends and family to join theLotter it’s the best one on the internet"

South Africa

Deepak G.

Thank you for improving on the referral program for the indian residence now we can play American lotteries too!"


Louis M.

Thank you, your chat service is exceptional! You are a diamond among pebbles. You wished me good luck. I wish you health, happiness, and love!"

United Kingdom