Filipino Player Wins $50,000 Powerball Prize!

When he couldn’t purchase tickets to his local lotteries in person, Filipino engineer, B.J.L., went online to try his luck. Little did he know that less than a year later, on 10 March 2021, he would be the lucky winner of a third-division US$50,000 Powerball prize!

Online Lottery Play - "This Is Legit"

B.J.L. is an engineer from Manila (he prefers to retain his anonymity). Like many Filipinos, B.J.L. loves playing local lottery games. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, he was unable to buy his favourite lottery tickets, which could only be purchased in person.

“So, I went on theLotter,” B.J.L. told us in a telephone interview. “Sometime April last year, someone posted on Facebook. At first, I thought I didn’t believe it’s legit, and then I check it, Oh! I think this is legit because there’s a lot of people who say it’s legit, and then I check YouTube also and there’s a lot of testimonies there.”

Thanks to the testimonies from previous winners and satisfied customers, B.J.L. started playing. After participating in the March 2021 Powerball draw, he was contacted by theLotter’s Customer Service team:

“Then there’s an email saying that I won a big prize!”

Listen what B.J.L. had to say about winning a Powerball prize online from the Philippines:

The $50,000 Numbers

To win Powerball’s third division prize, B.J.L. matched 4 out of the 5 main numbers, as well as the additional Powerball number. The odds of winning this prize are 1:913,129.

The winning numbers in the draw were 17, 18, 37, 44, 53 and Powerball number 18.

As you can see in the ticket below, the first line on B.J.L.’s ticket had the numbers 17, 18, 27, 37, 53 and Powerball number 18! B.J.L. was just one number away from winning the draw’s $155 million jackpot prize!

Filipino Powerball winner

He’s in It to Win It!

B.J.L.’s big win came 10 months after he signed up at theLotter. Even though he can again purchase Filipino lottery tickets in person, he vows to continue playing online.

“I’m already focused right now on theLotter!” he said.

B.J.L. made it a point to tell us how satisfied he is with the customer support he received. “I’m very familiar in customer service, and to be honest with you, I’m really impressed with how you guys do it. I receive an email nighttime, daytime, afternoon. There’s a lot of feedback.”

“So, I think I’ll still keep playing. I’ll try my luck, and maybe one day I’ll get the major prize, why not?”

Players from the Philippines Win Online

Filipino players have won their share of the more than $100 million in prizes paid out by theLotter since 2002, and B.J.L. is not the only one to win big.

Players from the Philippines Win Online

Previously, C.R. won a €151,000 Spain La Primitiva prize in 2016!

Outside of the Philippines, many other Asian players have also managed to strike gold at theLotter, including H.S.L. from South Korea, who won EuroMillions $1 million El Millón raffle prize.