€64,092.47 SuperEnalotto Prize Winner Confesses “I had a feeling I was going to win."

J.G. is a Mexican businessman and father of three young children who won a third-place €64,092 prize in the Italian SuperEnalotto draw on 7 June 2022.

“I feel very happy. Happy to have won, wow!” was the first thing our friendly winner managed to say after we congratulated him on the great news.



Do All Roads Lead to Rome?

J. G. has a company that exports custom furniture and assured us that it’s doing very well and he will not be needing to invest the prize money. Instead, the winnings are destined for the enjoyment of his whole family! “I think we are going to spend it on trips- it is the safest thing to do. Or I will give it to my wife to see what she does with it, but I’m 99.99% sure she will make me travel!

There's Nothing Like a Good Feeling

When asked about his strategies for choosing numbers, J.G. confessed that he does not have any special tactics. Despite playing with totally random numbers, he knew he was going to win, although it was not the jackpot prize he envisioned. “I felt that I was going to win and I still have a feeling that I am going to win El Grande”, he confided with conviction.

With the feeling of victory still present, J.G. assured us that it is only a matter of time before we call again to inform him that he has won a jackpot prize. “Maybe you’ll even call me today because I played this morning. We could be talking to each other again very soon!” he amusedly told our theLotter agent.

J. G. matched five numbers out of the six selected in the draw. Check out his winning ticket:

Boleto ganador SuperEnalotto

Being Latin Brings Luck!

theLotter has been offering its online lottery courier services for 20 years and has been fortunate enough to award over $100 million in lottery prizes to millions of winning tickets - including a large number of Latinos.

J.G. is actually just one of theLotter's many Latin American winners, including H.V., a Salvadoran who took home $1 million from US Powerball, and A.D., a Panamanian who won $30 million playing with theLotter!

Ganador SuperEnalotto

It’s Better to Go After a Challenge

Given its fairly difficult odds (1 in 90), Italy's SuperEnalotto is one of the most difficult lotteries to win, meaning J.G.’s prize is quite a feat! But, it should be noted that it is precisely for this reason that SuperEnalotto regularly offers some of the largest prizes in Europe!

In fact, the Italian lottery is famous for awarding huge prizes after long accumulation cycles and has produced some of the biggest jackpots in the world, including its record €209,160,441 million, won in August 2019.

J.G. frequently plays the lottery, and not only the SuperEnalotto, but also the most famous lottery draws in the United States, such as US Powerball and Mega Millions. While these lotteries awarded him small wins, none were as big as this one! “I will continue playing, believe me. I like it, it's something I like to do”, the Mexican businessman confided to us during our conversation.

It was a pleasure chatting with J.G. and we look forward to calling him back very soon with the news that he has won "The Big One"!

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