Mexican Financial Advisor Reveals His Winning Powerball Numbers

A.F. are the initials of our lucky winner from Mexico who, on 11 November 2020, played US Powerball online and managed to take home the fantastic US$50,000 third-division prize!

Meet Our Winner!

From his small office in Mexico City where he works as a freelancer, A.F., 63, not only does financial and tax analysis, but for over two years he has also been playing his favourite lotteries: US Powerball and Mega Millions.

We had the great opportunity to personally speak with our winner. In addition to getting to know him better, A.F. also answered our questions and shared his secret to choosing his lucky numbers!

Persevere, And You Will Succeed!

How did you find out about our lottery service? "Eh, by searching online. I mean, all of a sudden I arrived at a page, and I started to look into it and I liked it. I have been using it for a long time, I think more than two years. Yes, I have won very small awards but hey, never something like this!”.

A.F. never gave up hope of being crowned the winner. Thanks to his perseverance, he has finally achieved his goal: winning a fantastic lottery prize! And while A.F. would have preferred to win the Powerball jackpot, $50,000 is not bad at all!

Our lucky Mexican player is part of a long list of winners whose incredible prizes have set the bar high for Latin American players.

To cite a few examples, an Ecuadorian player received a US$50,000 Powerball prize in January 2020, while a lucky Colombian before him was also awarded US$50,000. But the ones who stand out above all in the list of our big winners is a Salvadorian who took home a US$1 million Powerball prize and a Panamanian woman who won US$30 million playing with theLotter!

What Is The Secret Behind His Lucky Numbers?

Mexican Powerball winner

We were intrigued to find out how he chose the numbers and eager for some advice. During our interview, A.F. told us that he had favourite numbers which he played regularly, but the mandatory Powerball number did not allow for him to play with all of them - so he set out to change up his strategy.

He decided to start choosing numbers randomly, modifying only those that he didn’t like, or those that he intuitively knew wouldn’t win. In the Powerball drawing on 11 November 2020, A.F. selected the Quick Pick option, then changed the random numbers according to his keen perception, finally confirming the lucky numbers that would lead him to victory.

A.F.'s numbers:

  • 111315176313

The winning numbers:

  • 131517456313

While it’s true that the only obstacle between A.F. and the $156 million jackpot was just a single number, we definitely need to acknowledge that his strategy works, in that his good intuition helped him match a majority of the draw's winning numbers!

Check out the winning ticket!

A.F.'s Winning Powerball Ticket

What Does A.F. Plan On Doing With All This Prize Money?

Another thing we were really curious about is what our winner had planned for this fabulous prize. A.F. revealed, “Well, save it and take care of it, because right now the situation with the pandemic is difficult all over the world. I have two daughters who, although they are grown up and working, but well, I have to take care of them and help them from time to time.”.

Helping and supporting his family is, without a doubt, one of the best plans one could come up with!

Congratulations to A.F. on winning this fantastic prize! We hope to hear news of his next big win very soon!

Now that you know the secret of how A.F. selected his winning numbers, you can get your official lottery tickets and put your luck to the test, participating from anywhere in the world through theLotter - the world's leading online lottery service. Good luck!