Play the Lotto Texas Lottery Online

How to Play Lotto Texas  Online

How do you play Lotto Texas online?

Fill out your Texas Lotto online entry with six numbers from a guess range of 1-54. You can select your numbers manually, with the Quick Pick option for a set of randomly selected numbers, or by using your saved Lucky numbers. Once your purchase is confirmed, theLotter will purchase an official Lotto Texas lottery ticket on your behalf, and then scan and upload a copy of it to your private account where it can be viewed before the draw. See how it works!

Lotto Texas drawings are held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays at 22:12 CST.

How to Win the Lotto Texas lottery

How do you win the Lotto Texas jackpot

If all six numbers on your entry match the six numbers drawn, you can claim the Lotto Texas jackpot! This impressive top prize starts at $5 million and can keep on growing until someone wins it. On 19 June, 2004, Lotto Texas awarded an incredible $145 million to Alfredo Ornelas Barragan. This so far is the lottery’s biggest jackpot prize ever!

If you’ve partially matched the winning numbers, you may be eligible to take home one of the three secondary prizes. Want the chance to win something even bigger? You can boost your second-tier Lotto Texas prize winnings by playing Lotto Texas Extra! At theLotter, you can purchase Lotto Texas Extra! tickets and increase any secondary prize you win by up to $10,000!

Want to know if you won prizes playing the game? Check the latest Lotto Texas draw results to find out!

How to Claim Lotto Texas Prizes at theLotter

How can I claim a Lotto Texas prize at theLotter?

If you match a Lotto Texas jackpot or a secondary prize at theLotter, an automated email and SMS notifying you of the win will be sent shortly after the official results are announced. After we receive the prize from an official Texas lottery operator, the winnings will be sent to your account on theLotter where you can withdraw it at your leisure. If you win the Lotto Texas jackpot, you will be required to collect your prize in person at the Texas Lottery Commission headquarters. theLotter will work to assist you in any way possible to coordinate the prize collection.