European Player Wins €1,313,699.90 EuroMillions Prize

Can you imagine waking up to find that you’re a newly minted millionaire? This is exactly what happened to our Southeast European player who won an incredible €1.3 million second-place prize in the EuroMillions draw on 12 October 2021. What made this prize even more exciting is that it went from thousands to over a million euros overnight thanks to the jackpot reaching the cap! Keep reading to learn more about the winner, how he did it, and what he plans on doing with his big win.


He Came, He Played, He Won!

It’s not every day that someone wins over a million euros from Europe’s biggest lottery! Our lucky winner is veteran player G.S.E.; a 45-year-old doctor who’s been playing online with theLotter Group since 2013.

When we called to talk about his exciting big win, G.S.E. admitted that he was just as shocked and happy as we were to see all the extra zeros in his account, “It’s really good, it’s really good! It was a little shocking in the first moment, but now I’m quite calm. I’m quite okay. I barely like, minimum two hours of sleep. Not much!”.

We were surprised that he was able to sleep at all after finding out that he's now €1.3 million richer!


The Millionaire-Making Numbers

In the 12 October EuroMillions draw, G.S.E. was able to correctly guess the 5 main numbers and a single Lucky Star number, guaranteeing him the lottery’s second-place prize! He was one of just nine players to win this prize division. As you can see below, he was just one number away from winning the draw’s record-breaking €220 million jackpot!

The winning numbers:

  • 6 13 22 45 49 10 11

G.S.E.'s numbers:

  • 6 13 22 45 49 3 10

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His Strategy for Success? Persistence and a Little Luck!


Correctly guessing the winning numbers definitely sealed the deal, but we think it’s important to note that G.S.E. was playing EuroMillions with a Multi-Draw when he won. A Multi-Draw Package automatically enters you into a pre-set number of draws, ranging from 5 to 52 draws. This way, he guaranteed that his lucky numbers never missed out on a win! Playing a lottery with Multi-Draws is also a great way to save on tickets, as it comes with a built-in discount of up to 25%!

Other big winners who took advantage of a similar play option include H.S.L. from South Korea who claimed a €1 million EuroMillions raffle prize in July 2019, and Mega Millions winner Nataliia from Ukraine who won her million-dollar prize in September 2017. Both ensured that they were always in it to win it by subscribing to their favourite lotteries.

What's Next For G.S.E.?

When we asked about the plans for his €1.3 million prize, G.S.E. confessed that he’ll be going the safe route: “I will probably continue working. No, nothing exciting. Just some wise movements, some investments for the future probably, or early retirement later. But not anything crazy.” Many winners end up losing their prize money quickly due to huge spending sprees right after their big win, so we’re happy to hear that our winner is choosing to play smart!

Congratulations to G.S.E. on winning this incredible EuroMillions prize! We hope to hear news of his next big win soon!