Play Romania Loto 6/49 Online

How to Play Romania Loto 6/49 Online

How Do You Play Romania Loto 6/49  Online?

It’s incredibly simple to play Loto 6/49 online when you purchase official lottery tickets at theLotter. All you need to do is fill in your entry with 6 numbers from the guess range of 1-49. You can choose to fill out your numbers manually, using your saved lucky numbers, or the Quick Pick feature for a set of randomly generated numbers. In additional to purchasing one-time tickets, you have an option of buying multi-draw packages and/or a Loto 6/49 subscription. With a subscription, you’ll never miss another draw!

Romania Loto 6/49 stages its lottery draws twice weekly on Thursdays and Sundays at 18:15, local time. Learn how we purchase official Romanian lottery tickets on your behalf here.

How to Win the Romania Loto 6/40 Jackpot

How Do You Win Romania's Loto 6/49 Jackpot?

If you match all six numbers selected in the draw, you win the Loto 6/49 jackpot which starts at a guaranteed minimum of RON 1 million, around US$250,000. This amount can keep growing with each rollover until it’s won! The Romanian Loto 6/49 jackpot record stands at RON 48.9 million (approximately US$14.5 million) and was won by a single ticket sold in July 2013. A RON 46.9 million (approximately US$18.1 million) jackpot claimed in January of 2008 is the lottery’s second-biggest jackpot. Have you won Romanian lottery prizes? Find out by checking the latest Loto 6/49 draw results.

How to Claim Loto 6/49 Prizes at theLotter

How Can You Claim Romanian Lottery Prizes Online?

When you win a Loto 6/49 prize at theLotter, we’ll notify you shortly after the official results are announced with the details of your win via email or SMS. After the prize has been collected on your behalf from the official lottery operator, all of the winnings are transferred to your theLotter account for withdrawal. While theLotter will pay out your winnings 100% commission-free, Romanian lottery prizes are taxed at source. Check our lottery tax guide for more information.

How can I be sure I will receive my prize

How Can I Be Sure I'll Receive My Prize?

Since 2002, players at theLotter have been able to participate in the world’s biggest lottery draws and over six million have been paid out over $100 million in prizes! Per our Terms of Use, theLotter has no legal claim to your tickets and all winnings are paid out commission-free and are 100% yours. Once you’ve purchased your Romanian Loto 6/49 ticket online, a confirmation email is sent to you as proof of ticket ownership as well as a scanned copy of the ticket which is uploaded to your theLotter account before the draw.