Play Ukraine Loto Maxima Online

How to Play Ukraine Loto Maxima Online

How Do You Play Ukraine Loto Maxima Online?

Fill in your online Loto Maxima entry with five numbers from a 1-45 guess range for our chance at winning one of the four exciting daily prizes! You can choose your numbers manually, using your lucky numbers, or the automatic Quick Pick feature that will pick your numbers for you. Once you’ve placed your order, we will purchase official Maxima tickets on your behalf, scan, and then upload them to your theLotter account where you will be able to see them before the next draw. Learn more about how it works.

Ukraine Maxima lottery draws take place every night of the week, from Monday to Sunday, at 22:50 local time.

How to Win Ukraine Maxima Loto

How Do You Win The Ukraine Loto Maxima Jackpot?

If you match the five numbers selected in the daily Loto Maxima draw, you win the jackpot! The lottery offers a relatively modest starting jackpot of about ₴50,000, but as there is no cap, this amount can roll over to much higher amounts until it is eventually won. If your numbers form a partial match you could win one of the lottery’s three secondary prizes. Loto Maxima’s biggest jackpot of ₴3.96 million (€219,177) won on 31 August 2014, while the second highest prize- a ₴3.08 million (€90,226) jackpot- was matched in December 2020. Check the latest Maxima draw results to see if you have a winning ticket!

Loto Maxima prizes are credited to winning players' accounts after they are received from the official Ukrainian lottery operator. Please note that this process could take up to 36 months.

How to Claim Loto Maxima Prizes Online

How to Claim Loto Maxima Prizes Online

Getting your Loto Maxima prize is hassle-free and safe when you win online at theLotter! Once the official results are announced and your numbers match a prize, you will receive an email with all the details of your win. Our local agent will claim the prize on your behalf and immediately transfer the money to your online theLotter account where you can withdraw at your own leisure. While theLotter pays out all prizes 100% commission-free, your winnings may be taxed at source or locally. Check out our lottery tax guide to learn more.