Spanish Player Wins Huge Mega Millions Secondary Prize

Mega Millions set a world record on 30 March 2012 when the $656 million jackpot was finally won. This record stood until US Powerball's $1.6 billion jackpot was won on 13 January 2016. A week before Mega Millions' epic draw, one of our online players made his own lottery history by winning the $250,000 Mega Millions second prize on 20 March 2012.

Player strikes lottery gold

Spanish mega millions prize winner

The Spanish native has used theLotter’s services to purchase lottery tickets for the world’s biggest lotteries since 2009. B.G. was theLotter's third $250,000 Mega Millions winner and we were pleased to help him collect his winnings swiftly. Prior to October 2013, the second place prize amount was $250,000. Mega Millions rule changes implemented on 23 October 2013 increased the second place prize amount to $1 million.

How did someone from Spain win a US lottery prize?

How did someone from Spain win a US lottery prize?

The purchase process at theLotter mirrors buying lotto tickets in person. First a player selects their lottery numbers, choosing numbers saved in their theLotter account or picking new numbers through Natural Selection or Quick Pick. Once a player confirms a purchase, theLotter’s local representatives take care of the rest, purchasing the ticket on the customer’s behalf, and uploading a scanned copy of each ticket, or a reasonable facsimile of the ticket, directly to the customer's secure online account.

When purchasing a ticket on theLotter, there is no need to worry about losing the ticket. The physical ticket is stored in the local office’s safe vault and presented to the official lottery on behalf of the player if it is a winner.

If a player’s numbers produce a prize-winning combination, the customer is immediately alerted of their good fortune with automatic email notifications, FREE SMS winning alerts, and in the case of a big win like B.G.’s, a prompt call from our customer service department. In Mega Millions draw 2012/23, B.G. received a happy text message stating that he had won a quarter of a million dollars in Mega Millions, along with $600 in additional prizes!

Indeed, foreigners can play American lotteries from anywhere in the world!

A swift and simple process for our Spanish winner

theLotter stepped in to facilitate B.G.’s prize collection, sending him clear instructions for submitting relevant forms of identification in order to claim his prize personally in the US. One of theLotter’s local representatives met B.G. at the site’s New York City office and assisted him in collecting his winnings from the New York Mega Millions headquarters in person. Any trip to New York is just that much sweeter when collecting a $250,000 prize is on the agenda!

Whether you win $1 or $1 billion, theLotter ensures that players collect their winnings in a fast and secure manner!