theLotter Member Wins Big in New Zealand Powerball

One of theLotter’s Russian online lottery players has just won NZ$226,101 by playing New Zealand Powerball ! Just another example of the benefits of playing it globally!

Russian Player Uses Odds-Boosting Strategy to Win Big!

The distance between Russia and New Zealand is roughly 10,000 kilometres. So how did one of theLotter’s veteran players from Russia win a fantastic prize of NZ$226,101 when he played New Zealand Powerball? By playing it globally, of course! A Russian native, V.K. has only been with theLotter for a month and has already won big after choosing to buy lottery tickets online!

V.K.’s quick win with theLotter in June 2013 bears a resemblance to theLotter’s UK $1 million US Powerball winner from April of 2012 who had received the good news about his seven-digit prize just a few weeks after becoming a member! Like theLotter’s big Powerball winner, V.K. purchased his winning ticket with a subscription entry to automatically play New Zealand Powerball’s thrilling weekly draw and receive every 10th ticket free! By using an eight-number systematic form, V.K. was able to produce all possible entry combinations of his selected numbers and increase the odds of winning a prize! In doing so, V.K. not only matched six regular numbers but also was able to multiply lower secondary prizes to come away with a big Lotto NZ payday! Saturday’s draw produced winning numbers 2, 7, 14, 23, 30, 33 bonus number 5 and Powerball 8.

V.K.’s decision to opt for an eight number systematic form proved to be an extremely beneficial move. He won the second place prize of NZ$142,857, but with additional lines he was able to win a number of secondary prizes that were multiplied to create an even bigger pay-out! V.K.’s eight-number systematic form awarded him a 5th place prize of NZ$13,169 and 6th place prize of NZ$560, each recurred a total of 6 times! In addition, V.K. won a 9th place prize of NZ$58 that was multiplied 15 times over! In total, V.K.’s winning strategy yielded him an additional NZ$83,244 in prizes on top of the match 6 win! Talk about beginner’s luck! Luckily for V.K., there are no taxes on New Zealand Powerball prizes, meaning that this huge win will be delivered in full directly to his bank account.

You Won't Regret Taking a Chance on New Zealand Powerball

New Zealand Powerball winner

Introduced to Kiwi lottery fans in 2001, New Zealand Powerball, patterned after the famous US Powerball , has awarded some amazing jackpots! The record jackpot is NZ$50 million, which was won in February 2020. Lotto enthusiasts enjoy playing New Zealand Powerball because of its 6/40 format, NZ$4 million starting jackpot, and 14 prize divisions. A new change in the game rules made in April 2017 also means that if the jackpot reaches its maximum cap of NZ$50 million and isn't won, all the winnings will automatically be passed down and shared between the next highest division's winners! Learn about New Zealand's biggest lotto and play New Zealand Powerball for a shot at one of New Zealand’s biggest prizes!