Play Poland Mini Lotto Online

How to Play Poland Mini Lotto Online

How Do You Play Polish Mini Lotto Online?

Fill out your online Polish Mini Lotto entry by choosing five numbers from 1-42 and for your chance at winning every day of the week! Mini Lotto has gained huge popularity thanks to it's great odds, affordable tickets, and daily lottery draws.

When you play online, you can select your numbers manually or use our Quick Pick feature for a randomly generated set of numbers. We offer flexible ticket options including standard one-time entries and discounted subscriptions and multi-draw packages to save you time and money.

Polish Mini Lotto stages seven weekly draws, Monday through Sunday, at 21:40 CET, local Polish time.

How to Win Poland Mini Lotto

How Can You Win Mini Loto Poland Prizes?

If you match all five numbers selected at the draw, then you have won the Polish Lotto jackpot! The draw's top prize is set at a fixed amount of 400,000 zł, and this is what we advertise on theLotter. However, the final amount is dependent on the ticket revenue, so the prize may be bigger or smaller than advertised. Mini Lotto Poland also offers two secondary prize categories that can be won by matching just 4 or 3 of the numbers.

The latest winning numbers are available shortly after every draw. Be sure to check the Poland Mini Lotto results to see if you have a winning ticket!

How to Claim US Powerball Lottery Prizes at theLotter

How to Claim Polish Mini Lotto Prizes Online at theLotter

Did you match a Poland Mini Lotto prize? theLotter will inform you immediately after the official results are announced with all the details of your win! Once the prize has been collected on your behalf, it will be directly transferred to your theLotter account 100% commission-free for withdrawal. Once there, you can decide whether to take out your winnings or leave it to fund future lottery play. Poland has two tax bands on lottery winnings, so be sure to check out our comprehensive Lottery Tax Guide.