Play Mexico Tris Clasico Online

How do you play Tris Clásico de México online?

How Do You Play Mexico Tris Clasico?

The rules for the Mexico Tris Clasico lottery are straightforward, and playing online is even easier! Tris Clasico provides you with the option to choose from several bet types and wager amounts. To enter, simply select your desired bet type and wager amount, choose 5 main numbers from a range of 0 to 9, confirm your order, and you’re ready for the draw!

Just like other international lotteries available on theLotter, players can select their lucky numbers, or they can use the ‘Quick Pick’ feature, where 5 numbers are randomly chosen for you.

Is it safe to buy Tris Clásico de México tickets online?

Is It Safe to Buy Mexico Tris Clasico Tickets Online?

Yes! It is safe to purchase official Mexico Tris Clásico lottery tickets using theLotter online services! Thanks to our site, players from all around the world can enjoy the Tris Clásico de México and be in for huge prizes.

To purchase your ticket, search for and select Tris Clásico de México in our extensive lottery games list. Upon confirmation of your order, our on-the-ground agents will subsequently purchase official Mexican Tris Clásico tickets on your behalf. Scanned copies of these tickets are visible in your online account, proving your ownership. These are viewable at any time.

When Are Mexico Tris Clasico Draws?

When Are Mexico Tris Clasico Draws?

Tris lotteries offer several draws throughout the day, but at theLotter you have the chance to participate exclusively in the Tris Clásico 9:00 p.m. draw.

After the winning numbers are drawn, you can promptly see the the Tris Clasico Mexico results on the theLotter results page and see if you're a winner! However, even if you don’t, theLotter will notify you of any winnings via email/SMS.

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How Do You Win Prizes in the Mexican Tris Clásico?

How Do You Win Prizes in the Mexican Tris Clásico?

When claiming prizes from the Tris Clasico Mexico lottery, your chosen bet type will impact your winning chances. Below is an explanation of how all bet types impact your chances to win. Keep in mind that when playing at theLotter, your wager amount must be between MXN 1 and 100 :

  • Directa-5 (Straight): If you are successful in matching the five drawn numbers, for every peso wagered you will win MXN 50,000. So, if you were to bet MXN 50, you will win MXN 50 x 50,000, a total of MXN 2,500,000.
  • Par Inicial (Front or Back Pair): If you match the two drawn numbers that start the combination or the 2 numbers that end it, you are a winner! For every peso wagered with this bet type, you will win MXN 50. So, if you bet MXN 50, you would claim a prize of MXN 50 x 50, a total of MXN 2,500.
  • Inicial or Final (First or Last Digit): Players who manage to match the first or final number of the drawn numbers will see their wagered amount multiplied by 5. So, if you bet MXN 50 you will receive MXN 50 x 5, a total of MXN 250.
  • Directa-3 (Last 3 Digits): If you match the last 3 numbers of the draw, you will see your wager amount multiplied by 500! For example, if you bet MXN 50 and win, your MXN 50 wager would be multiplied by 500, totaling a win of MXN 25,000!
Have players won prizes at theLotter?

Have Players Won Prizes at theLotter?

Yes! theLotter regularly sees winners across all of our online lottery games. Our players have managed to win large jackpot and secondary prizes from the biggest lotteries, including the US Powerball, US Mega Millions and EuroMillions. Interested in learning more about their wins? Take a look at theLotter's winners page!

Get started at theLotter today, just be sure to submit your entry before the draw cut-off!