Play SuperEnalotto SuperStar Online

How to Play SuperEnalotto SuperStar Lottery Online

How Do You Play SuperEnalotto SuperStar Lottery Online?

Play Italy SuperStar lottery online with your selection of six main numbers from a guess range of 1-90 and an additional number, called the SuperStar, also from a guess range of 1-90. Buy official lottery tickets online at theLotter for a choice of buying regular, one-time entries or you could boost your potential winnings with a systematic form. Enter your numbers manually, with quick pick, or rely on your saved Lucky Numbers from your account. *Please note that you can only select the SuperStar number once – the same number will be used on all the lines of your purchase.

SuperEnalotto SuperStar draws take place on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 19:00 GMT.

SuperStar Number - Just How ‘Super’ is it?

How is the Italy SuperStar Lottery Related to SuperEnalotto?

The Italian SuperStar is actually a play option offered by SuperEnalotto, much like Powerball’s Power Play or Mega Millions Megaplier. It consists of a single extra number from a guess range of 1-90 that is added to a regular SuperEnalotto ticket at a small additional cost.

Entering the SuperEnalotto draw with the SuperStar gives players a chance at winning a boosted jackpot and secondary winnings and creates even more prize categories. Basically, it’s the same lottery, but even better!

Just How 'Super' Is It?

This exciting play option not only adds €2 million to the regular SuperEnalotto jackpot prize, but it also gives a €1 million boost to SuperEnalotto’s 5+Jolly second-place prize, and creates eight new prize divisions. Not bad for a single extra number! Matching the Italy SuperStar on a winning SuperEnalotto ticket can also boost other SuperEnalotto secondary prizes by between 25-100 times.

Learn more about this boosted Italian prize on our SuperEnalotto Guide.

Lottery Drums - Which Drum Decides Which Numbers?

What is the Difference Between the SuperStar Number and the Jolly Number?

While both are extra numbers added to the standard SuperEnalotto ticket- that’s where the similarities end! The Jolly Number is drawn as a bonus number in addition to the six main SuperEnalotto numbers while the SuperStar number is drawn separately from a second drum. If you play SuperEnalotto, matching the Jolly Number will give you a chance to win the second-place prize. If you play Italy SuperStar, you have many more opportunities to win more and bigger prizes!

Another popular lottery you should consider playing is the Italian Lotto. You might just become an Italian lottery winner!

How to Win the SuperEnalotto SuperStar Lottery Jackpot

How Do You Win the SuperEnalotto SuperStar Lottery Jackpot?

Match the six main numbers selected in the regular SuperEnalotto draw and the additional SuperStar number, and you win the SuperEnalotto jackpot and the additional €2 million SuperStar prize! As there is no SuperEnalotto jackpot cap, there really is no limit how high your SuperEnalotto SuperStar prize can be. This truly makes SuperEnalotto Superstar one of the best Italian lotteries available. 

The biggest SuperEnalotto prize of €371 million was won in February of 2023 after 11 months of suspenseful rollovers and broke all European jackpot records to date!

Save on SuperEnalotto SuperStar Lottery Online

Save on SuperEnalotto SuperStar Lottery Online

Play SuperEnalotto SuperStar online at theLotter, and enjoy a range of lottery discounts! Receive savings fit for a SuperStar by selecting a 5, 10, 25 or 52-draw multi-draw for up to 25% off, or buy a SuperEnalotto SuperStar subscription and receive every 7th ticket free.

How to Claim SuperEnalotto SuperStar Lottery Prizes at theLotter

How to Claim SuperEnalotto SuperStar Lottery Prizes at theLotter

Win in any of Italy SuperEnalotto SuperStar’s 14 prize categories and receive a free win notification via email and SMS to let you know you’re a winner! Secondary prizes are credited in your theLotter account after the results are published and the prize money has been received from the official lottery operator. No taxes are paid on prizes up to €100. The maximum Italian tax liability on SuperEnalotto SuperStar prizes above that amount is 12%.

In addition, you have an extra way to win and it's called Vincita Immediata! If any of your lottery ticket numbers match all four of the printed Quadrato magico numbers on the ticket, you win €25 instantly! This prize is in addition to any prizes you've won in the draw. If you win, your prize will be paid directly to your theLotter account.

theLotter’s SuperEnalotto SuperStar Lottery Winners

theLotter’s SuperEnalotto SuperStar Lottery Winners

  • 24/05/2024 - O.V.S. from Mexico won €3,338

  • 05/03/2024 - A.B. from Ecuador won €3,448

  • 25/03/2023 - W.M. from Poland won €17,688

  • 15/10/2022 - S.S from Korea won €5,541

  • 15/09/2022 - A.V. from Hungary won €3,340

  • 26/01/2022 - T.R. from Chile won €18,444

  • 08/01/2022 - P.U. from Nigeria won €3,269.

  • 10/09/2021 - F.K. from South Asia won €47,766