Play Chile Clasico Loto Online

How to Play Chile Clasico Loto

How Do You Play Chile Clasico Loto Online?

Play Clasico Loto by choosing six numbers from a guess range of 1-41. You can fill in your ticket manually, with your saved Lucky Numbers, or with a Quick Pick random selection. Whichever way you choose to buy official lottery tickets online, you will see a scan of your tickets in your account before the Clasico Loto draw. Learn more about how we buy Chilean lottery tickets.

This exciting Latin lottery stages three draws a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 21:00 local Chilean time. Make sure you never miss a draw by purchasing a Clasico Loto Multi-Draw or Subscribing.

How to Win the Chile Clasico Loto Jackpot

How Do You Win the Chile Clasico Loto Jackpot?

If you successfully match the main six numbers selected in the Clasico Loto draw, you win the jackpot prize! In addition to the six main numbers, an extra “Wild Card” number is also drawn from the same drum to determine four of the eight Loto Clasico prize categories.

The Chile Clasico Loto starts off at a guaranteed 250 million Chilean Peso (CLP), has no jackpot cap, and the published jackpot amount reflects the prize winnings after taxes have already been deducted. Are you up to the challenge of winning Chile’s big lottery jackpot? Check the Clasico Loto results after every draw to see if your ticket won!

How to Claim Chile Clasico Loto Prizes at theLotter

How Can You Claim a Chile Clasico Loto Prize Online?

When you win a Chile Clasico Loto prize at theLotter, your winnings are automatically transferred to your account after obtained from a local lottery operator. Once in your online account, you can withdraw at your leisure. All prizes are paid out totally commission-free, so when you win a prize online, the entire amount is yours! If you match a jackpot or larger prize, you will be required to collect your prize in person. In this case, theLotter will provide you with legal assistance and any help you may require to collect your winnings.