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How do I receive my winnings?


Secondary winnings will be transferred to your account after receipt of the prize from the official lottery operator. Some lotteries have different prize collection procedures. In these cases, Customer Service will guide you through the collection process until you receive your winnings. You may use your winnings for future participation in lottery draws or withdraw all, or part of the winnings with your designated payment method.

Jackpot winners may be required to collect the prize in person from the official lottery operator, in which case theLotter may choose to fly the winner there. If you are the winner of a major lottery prize you will be given information how to collect your prize.

Winners of non-cash prizes offered by lotteries and raffles will receive the monetary value of the prize.


How do I change or delete a default payment method?


In order to change your default payment method, please access your account on our desktop site and mark another method in the list that appears on Payment Details in your account and then confirm the change. To delete a payment method, click the trash can icon on the line of the payment method you wish to delete.


Can I claim my jackpot prize anonymously?


Some lotteries allow winners to remain completely anonymous, while others require some degree of public disclosure. For lotteries that require a winner to disclose their identity, it is often for transparency purposes. By making public the identities of winners, a lottery can show that the winners are real, have no connection to the lottery, and that all ticket holders have an equal chance of winning.

Below is the list of lotteries available on theLotter that allow jackpot winners to claim their prize anonymously:

Australia - Monday Lotto
Australia - Oz Lotto
Australia - Powerball Lotto
Australia -Saturday Lotto
Australia -Wednesday Lotto
Austria - Lotto
Austria - EuroMillions
Colombia - Baloto
Europe - EuroJackpot
Europe - EuroMillions
France - Loto
Germany - Lotto
Hungary - Hatoslotto
Hungary - Otoslotto
Italy - Lotto
Italy – MillionDAY
Italy - SuperEnalotto
Italy - SuperStar
Kazakhstan - 5/36
Kazakhstan - Loto 6/49
New Zealand - Lotto
New Zealand - Powerball
Philippines - Grand Lotto
Philippines – Lotto
Philippines - Mega Lotto
Philippines - Super Lotto
Philippines - Ultra Lotto
Poland - Lotto
Poland - Mini Lotto
Portugal - Totoloto
Romania - Joker
Romania - Loto 6/49
South Africa - Daily Lotto
South Africa - Lotto
South Africa - Powerball
Spain - BonoLoto
Spain - El Gordo
Spain - La Primitiva
Texas - Cash Five
Texas - Lotto Texas*
Texas - Lotto Texas Extra*
Texas - Texas Two Step*
Ukraine - Loto Maxima
Ukraine - Megalot
Ukraine - Super Loto

*For prizes over $1 million

Winners who wish to remain anonymous for security reasons may be able to receive an exemption to a lottery's disclosure requirements.

Regardless of a lottery's specific disclosure requirements, theLotter will never disclose a winner's identity without their consent.

Winning a substantial amount of money has life changing implications and theLotter whole heartedly recommends that winners consult with financial and legal experts to fully prepare for and take advantage of their good fortune.

Please feel free to contact our customer support team with any questions regarding anonymity.


Is theLotter connected to official lottery organisations?


theLotter acts as an independent, third-party lottery ticket purchasing service. We do not operate under the authority of any official lottery body or run a lottery of our own. Since its inception in 2002, theLotter has offered customers the freedom to play more than 50 top lotteries from around the globe by purchasing official lottery tickets online. The concept is simple, and so is the process. theLotter bridges the gap between you and your favourite lotteries, providing you with the possibility of winning the biggest jackpots; the latest draw results, and giving you the most important news from the lotto world. To read more about how our service works, please click here.


What payment methods are offered on the site?


We provide a variety of payment methods to suit the needs of our customers from all over the world. For a full list of available payment methods and to find the payment method that best works for you, please visit our Payment Methods page.

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