For These 3, Truth Turned Out Stranger than Fiction

crazy lottery winners

Anyone can play the lottery – all you need to do is buy a ticket. Playing the  US Mega Millions this week is easy – just get your ticket in a kiosk, or play the US Mega Millions online from anywhere in the world! Alternatively, you can partake in one of the other lotteries, which are known the world over, such as the other American lottery, the US Powerball with a  jackpot.

If you end up winning the massive jackpot, you’ll join a long list of eccentric characters. Take the three lottery players below for example. They scooped up millions, but they also experienced incredible events leading up to their lottery wins.

Lottery Winner with Nine Lives

The man with nine lives is none other than an ordinary Croatian music teacher who has lived through some extraordinary events. Frano Selak survived a derailed train crash, has been sucked from an airplane, survived a bus crash into a river, escaped his flame-ridden car (twice!), has been hit by a bus, and survived accidently driving off a cliff. Then, in 2003, he was the lucky winner of $1 million in the Croatian lottery!

American Won Two Mega Mega Millions Jackpots

american wins two mega millions jackpots

In 2003, Stephen Cooke won a $13.3 million Mega Millions lottery jackpot – twice! When he went to claim his prize, he suddenly remembered that he had bought another ticket with the same numbers!

You definitely can win the lottery twice!

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Luckily it worked out for Stephen, but billions in prizes go unclaimed. This doesn’t, however, happen to online players, as they are paid out automatically! There are many players who have had a double dose of lottery luck like Stephen, winning more than one huge jackpot prize! Will you be one of them?

Cut in Line and Won $590.2 Million

Gloria Mackenzie from Florida

Gloria Mackenzie from Florida won a mind-blowing $590.2 million U.S. Mega Millions jackpot in 2013. A kind woman let the old lady ahead of her in the Quick Pick line and (unintentionally) let her purchase the winning Powerball ticket! Call it fate or just pure good luck, the result is the same - Gloria Mackenzie is now one wealthy woman!

Are you Crazy Enough to Win Millions?

They say fact is crazier than fiction, and there are some incredible lottery facts out there! Do you know some people who thought they won the lottery, but didn't? It could happen! Some of our crazy stories might be after we've played crazy lotteries. Wouldn’t you like to add a jackpot-winning story to your autobiography? You don't need to have seven lives, to have two winning tickets, or even to cut in line to win - simply buy a ticket at your local store or play the biggest lotteries online and wait for the numbers to be drawn.

Regardless of whether you play the Powerball online or the old-fashioned way, we wish you lots of fun and luck!