All About EuroMillions

EuroMillions is a huge, bi-weekly European lottery that attracts interest all over the continent and across the globe! Learn all you need to know about EuroMillions including which European countries participate, special draws and raffles offered, record jackpots and more!

EuroMillions Lotteries Offered at theLotter

You may have noticed that at theLotter, you can participate in both Austria EuroMillions and Spain EuroMillions. We decided to offer two versions of this European lottery because each country that participates in EuroMillions offers various special draws and raffles that you can take part in. Both Austria and Spain have incredible additional raffles and special draws you can participate in whenever you purchase a EuroMillions entry. The question is, which one should you choose?

Austria EuroMillions

Austria EuroMillions is organised by the Österreichischen Lotterien. Tickets purchased through our local office in Austria lets you participate in the most exciting European lottery and also give you an automatic entry to the Österreich Bonus raffle! This raffle awards a prize of €100,000 in every EuroMillions draw in Austria. The biggest EuroMillions jackpot won in Austria stems from 2008 when a man from Carinthia won more than €55 million. In 2014, a player from the Tirol scooped up nearly as much: an unbelievable €54.3 million.

EuroMillions lotteries

Spain EuroMillions

In Spain and Andorra, the EuroMillions lottery is organised by Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, one of the world's biggest and most established lottery operators. Spain EuroMillions tickets purchased through our local office in Spain make you eligible not only for the EuroMillions draws on Tuesdays and Fridays, but also for the El Millón Raffle, which awards one lucky player an impressive €1 million raffle prize in every draw. The biggest EuroMillions jackpot ever won on Spanish soil was the previous jackpot cap of €190 million in October of 2017. The Spanish seem to have a lot of luck when it comes to EuroMillions, because along with France, Spain holds the title for the largest amount of EuroMillions jackpot wins, with 89 lucky winners to date!

What are the EuroMillions Game Rules?

Game formula: 5 main numbers plus 2 additional Lucky Stars!
A EuroMillions lottery ticket has two playing fields. The player must first choose 5 numbers from a guess range of 1-50 and then two bonus numbers, or “Lucky Stars”, from a range of 1-12. When a player matches all 5 main numbers as well as the two Lucky Stars to the winning numbers drawn, they win the jackpot!  EuroMillions has an additional 12 prize divisions that players can win rewarding prizes from.

Which Countries Offer EuroMillions?

We offer two amazing EuroMillion options, but there are actually quite a few European countries that offer EuroMillions with their own twist by offering various special draws, lottery raffles and extra prizes! 

EuroMillions France & My Million

Française des Jeux, the operator of France's national lottery games, is one of the founding members of the EuroMillions lottery. Moreover, the twice-weekly EuroMillions draws take place on French home soil - in the capital of Paris. France is also home to the winner of the record 200 million jackpot prize won on 11 December 2020! The 20 November 2020 Superdraw, which started with a boosted 130 million prize, reached the jackpot cap on 1 December 2020 and was finally claimed four rollovers later by a single ticket. This EuroMillions prize is also now the second largest lottery jackpot in Europe.

Since February 2014, French EuroMillions players automatically take part in the special French My Million raffle. The My Million draw takes place after the regular EuroMillions draw, so in principle, you could win both games at the same time. For every purchased EuroMillions line, you will automatically receive a raffle code. The winning code is randomly selected and the player whose raffle code matches the one drawn wins €1 million My Million raffle prize. Normally, only a single player wins the €1 million, but on special occasions more than one winner will enter the My Million Hall of Fame (and riches).

EuroMillions UK & Millionaire Maker

Like the French, the Brits, were one of the founders of the Pan-European EuroMillions lottery. Some of the largest EuroMillions jackpot prizes in history were in fact scooped up by British lotto players. Most EuroMillions fans will remember a certain Mr. & Mrs. Weir who won the €185 million jackpot back in 2011 (which was the maximum jackpot at the time). A year later saw the Bayford family win an even bigger EuroMillions prize of €190 million.

Back in 2009, the UK was the first EuroMillions country to introduce an extra lottery raffle to run alongside the regular EuroMillions draws. At every EuroMillions & UK Millionaire Maker draw you can win an additional prize of 1 million pounds sterling.  Every line is assigned a Millionaire Maker Raffle code and at each EuroMillions draw, two tickets are selected at random. The pair of players whose codes matched the ones drawn each receive a prize of £1 million!

Apparently, the monthly UK Millionaire Maker draws just weren't enough for the insatiable British lotto fans! The National Lottery also orchestrates occasional special raffles, most of which take place during holidays such as New Years and Christmas. 

EuroMillions Ireland

EuroMillions' Irish operations are carried out by the UK National Lottery. EuroMillions Ireland stages The Ireland Only Raffle alongside every EuroMillions draw. Each ticket is automatically assigned a special code which enters all players from Ireland into the raffle. Ten players are guaranteed €5,000 in every draw. When we're talking about Irish winners, one notable winner (from Northern Ireland) was Margaret Loughrey. The unemployed woman won €34 million in the EuroMillions, and whilst she allocated some her new assets to home refurbishment, she did in fact set up a charitable foundation to give most of fortune away to good causes her home town of Strabane. The biggest EuroMillions jackpot (or any European lottery jackpot for that matter) in Ireland's lottery history was awarded in February 2019. This extraordinary jackpot was worth a massive €175 million!

Euromilhões Portugal

In Portugal they play Euromilhões. Same game, different name. The game is organised by Lotto Organisation Jogo and draws are broadcasted live on national television. Portugal has written quite a bit of EuroMillions history so far. The last big win occurred in 2015 when a Portuguese player won a massive jackpot worth €163 million. The previous year ( in 2014), a lucky winner was awarded the maximum EuroMillions Jackpot worth a whopping €190 million! Portugal also offers a special draw every Friday evening called M1lhão (‘The Million’). This special draw offers Portuguese players the chance to win a prize worth €1 million every week. A 3 letter, 4 digit code is assigned to every ticket purchased for both the Tuesday and Friday draws and are automatically entered into Friday's M1lhão draw. One very lucky winner will win the €1 million M1lhão prize every week..

EuroMillions Belgium

The Belgian National Lottery, like most major nation-wide organisations in multilingual Belgium, runs three separate operations: one for Flanders, one for Wallonia and one for the German-speakers. One very memorable draw for Belgians was a Boxing Day draw on December 26th, 2014. One Belgian won the jackpot that night in addition to five Red Devils (as the Belgians call their sporting heroes) who took home second division prizes! Two more notable Belgian wins took place in 2007 and 2016 EuroMillions Superdraws. In 2007, one winner won the Superdraw jackpot worth €100 million, while in October 2016, the Belgian player was awarded the Superdraw top prize of €168,085,323!

EuroMillions Luxembourg

The Luxembourg National Lottery organises EuroMillions in Luxembourg. Along with your EuroMillions entry, you can also be entered into a supplementary game called Luxembourg Joker for an extra 2. Players can be awarded up to €500,00 by matching 6 numbers from a range of 1-9. Sounds easy right? Wrong. Players needs to match the 6 winning numbers in the exact order they were drawn! The special draw has 6 prize divisions to win from, the last division prize being 2 for matching the last number in the winning combination drawn. Luxembourg has seen several winners over the years. In 2013, a lucky Luxembourger won €65 million, the country's biggest EuroMillions win. Two years later in January 2015, another lottery player from Luxembourg won an impressive €31 million EuroMillions prize.

EuroMillions Switzerland

Switzerland participates in the EuroMillions organisation. Operations are carried out by the Loteria Romandie and Swisslos. The Swiss EuroMillions record was set in October 2018 when a Swiss player scooped up a €162,403,002 (CHF 183,897,039.30) EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot prize!

All of these exciting lotteries are played in the exact same way: choose 5 main numbers and 2 Lucky Stars and you could win an incredible top prize of up to €220 million! At theLotter, when you choose between EuroMillions Spain and EuroMillions Austria, you get to participate in every official draw in addition to being automatically entered into exciting weekly bi-weekly raffles! And if you’re a fan of pan-European lotteries, you might also enjoy playing EuroJackpot.