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La Primitiva is the 250 year old Spanish lotto that keeps up with the biggest lotteries of the modern era! Select six lucky numbers from a pool of 1-49, and enter this exciting Spanish lottery that holds a jackpot record of €72.6 million!
Spain - La Primitiva
€ 21,400,000

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How to Play the Spanish La Primitiva Lottery

Play the official La Primitiva lottery by selecting six numbers from a guess range of 1-49. A reintegro number, which decides the La Primitiva jackpot, is automatically added to your official Spanish lottery ticket. theLotter offers 4 or 8-line tickets, and 8, 9 10 or 11-number systematic forms online that create all possible combinations of your selected numbers for more ways to win. Choose your winning La Primitiva numbers manually, with quick pick, or from your saved numbers in your theLotter account.

La Primitiva is drawn Thursdays and Saturdays at 20:30 GMT, and you can see your official entry in your private account when you buy lottery tickets online at theLotter. Want to learn more about how we purchase your La Primitiva ticket from official Spanish lottery retailers? Click here.


Special Play Options for La Primitiva Online

Reintegro is a randomly selected number from 0-9 added to official La Primitiva lotto tickets. Find yours on the ticket scan in your theLotter account before La Primitiva draws. La Primitiva jackpots are won by tickets showing 6+R, to match the numbers drawn. All tickets with the reintegro are refunded the official ticket cost!


Save on La Primitiva Tickets Online

Choose La Primitiva as your first online lotto purchase with theLotter and you can use your Buy One Get One FREE welcome bonus. All players can also save 25% on 5, 10, 25 and 52-draw La Primitiva multi-draws or receive every 10th ticket for free with a La Primitiva subscription. theLotter VIP members enjoy discounts of up to 20% on all their online lottery tickets!


How to Win the La Primitiva Spanish Jackpot

La Primitiva’s incredible multi-million euro jackpots are won by matching all six regular numbers and the reintegro number. The popular Spanish lotto awards first prizes, which can grow to several million euros, to all tickets showing six main numbers without the reintegro. A bonus ball is also drawn to decide the 5+1 second prize, worth a 5-figure euro sum.


theLotter’s La Primitiva Winners

La Primitiva lotto draws are very popular online and theLotter players have enjoyed great success over the years. In June 2013, a Latvian player celebrated a €110,071 win in La Primitiva. Read more about the La Primitiva big win here.


How to Claim La Primitiva Prizes at theLotter

La Primitiva’s top five prize divisions grow with every rollover and theLotter sends you an automated email or SMS when you win in the Spanish lotto. All prizes are commission-free and those worth $2,500 or less are directly transferred into your theLotter account soon after the results are posted. Larger wins are subject to a government legislated tax of 20% and may require collection in Spain. Improve your odds of taking home a La Primitiva prize with a systematic form of 8, 9, 10, or 11 numbers for bigger wins! All La Primitiva jackpots start at €2 million and have grown as high as its February 2014 record of €72.6 million!


How Do La Primitiva’s Reintegro and Bonus Number Differ?

Players choose their six lucky numbers but both the reintegro and bonus number are decided by chance. The reintegro is a number from 0-9, automatically allocated to each La Primitiva ticket, and decides the Spanish lotto jackpot and official lottery ticket price refunds. The bonus number decides La Primitiva’s 5+1 third prize.


Latest News About La Primitiva

La Primitiva introduced the reintegro feature in November 2012 and hasn’t looked back since! In January 2013, it produced a new personal best of €32 million, then doubled it with a €66.6 million summer sizzler eight months later. Having caught the attention of lotto players worldwide, La Primitiva then extended its record to €72.6 million in February 2014.