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What are the different ways to select my numbers when playing the lottery?


When playing any of the lotteries we offer online, you can select numbers manually (Natural Selection), have your numbers randomly selected by the system (Quick Pick) or choose to use preselected numbers (My Lucky Numbers).


Where can I save my lucky numbers for a specific lottery?


If you wish to save your lucky numbers for a specific lottery online, go to My Lucky Numbers, select the country and lottery name from the drop down menus, and enter your desired number selection. You can also choose to save a set of numbers as "My Lucky Numbers" for a lottery during the play process by checking the box under to the Play button.


What are default numbers?


Your default numbers will be used to fill in the your number selection in the event that your selected numbers do not fit the rules of the game. When subscribing to theBig or theSmart, we recommend selecting a set of default numbers as your subscription to these categories will enter different lotteries, depending on the top-ranked lottery in the category.


Why can I not change my multi-draw numbers?


When you purchase a multi-draw package, you order a fixed number of draws in advance and save up to 25%. Therefore, it is not possible to update your number selection after the purchase is complete. Any update to your number selection will take effect only in future multi-draw purchases. To participate in multiple draws with different numbers and impressive savings, learn more about Susbcriptions.


How do I change my subscription numbers?


To change your subscription’s numbers, please go to My Lucky Numbers, select a lottery from the drop down menu, enter your number selection, and press 'Save.'

Next, go to Subscriptions and select the relevant lottery.

Last, mark 'From Lucky Numbers' in the 'Susbcription Numbers' field and click 'Save' to update the changes.

Please note: Subscription tickets are purchased as soon as a draw opens, therefore any changes to your numbers will only take effect the next draw.


What happens to my numbers when I subscribe to a lottery category?


When subscribing to a lottery category, your subscription will enter different lotteries, according to the top draw in theBig or theSmart list. If you have saved numbers for the lottery in My Lucky Numbers, the saved numbers will be automatically entered into the draw. If you do not have saved numbers, the system will select numbers for you or complete your default number selection to fit the rules of the game.

You can update your default number selection at any time in My Lucky Numbers


What is a systematic form (6-14 numbers)?


A systematic form allows you to boost your chances of winning by entering the draw with all possible combinations of your lucky numbers.

You are required to fill in a single line with a specific amount of numbers that is higher than the minimum requirement per line, from which all possible combinations are generated.

On theLotter, you are welcome to choose 6-14 lucky numbers, depending on the availability of this play option in the lottery you select. Lotteries which offer systematic forms will have a systematic tab on the play page. The total number of lines generated will appear in the systematic tab.

For example, in the Europe EuroMillions, you are invited to choose 6 -10 numbers for your systematic form. You will first need to choose the type of systematic form (6 numbers, 7 numbers, 8 numbers, 9 numbers, 10 numbers) you wish to play. Should you choose 6 numbers, a total of 6 lines will be generated from the numbers you choose in the numbered grid. Should you choose 10 numbers a total of 252 lines will be generated; each line made up of a different combination of your lucky numbers.


Europe EuroMillions

Italy SuperEnalotto

Australia Powerball Lotto

Canada Lotto 6/49

Spain La Primitiva


Why is worthwhile to play a systematic form?


By purchasing a systematic form, you increase your odds of winning a prize. For example, if you guess three out of six winning numbers, the winning combination will appear multiple times in the lines generated by the systematic form selector and multiply your return.

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