Hip Hip Hurray! Austrian Wins UK Lotto Raffle with theLotter!

An Austrian player had another reason to open a bottle of champagne on New Year’s Eve; he won £20,000 UK Lotto prize while playing online with theLotter! Our winner wishes to remain anonymous, which we certainly respect, so we’ll call him Jan. More importantly, though, we’ll let you in on a few exciting details about Jan’s win. For example, Jan didn’t pick a single number correctly, but he still won £20,000! How’d he do that? By winning a raffle!

What is a Raffle?

While theLotter offers tickets to the famous Spanish raffles such El Nino and the famous Spanish Christmas raffle, Jan won a slightly different type of raffle, one that takes place in conjunction with a lottery draw. In this type of raffle, any player with a lottery entry is automatically entered into the raffle via an additional number that is assigned and printed on the lottery entry. Raffle draws always produce a winner because only sold entries with assigned numbers are included in the draw.

UK Lotto Raffle Winning Ticket

Guaranteed Winners, Guaranteed Excitement!

Pictured above is Jan’s actual ticket. He played three lines in the UK National Lotto and received three additional numbers as raffle entries. The top raffle number, the one highlighted in yellow, won him £20,000 in draw number 2016/2194 on 31 December 2016! While no one won the £26 million jackpot in the New Year’s Eve draw, the UK Lotto picked 120 £20,000 raffle winners and 1 very lucky millionaire!

What Our Winner Has to Say

Jan is still playing online with theLotter to win the jackpot of his dreams. Read for yourself what he has to say:

When I accidentally discovered theLotter and played for the first time in 2016 and opened the theLotter homepage for the first time I immediately had a good feeling! Since then, theLotter is a constant part in my daily life. I won the UK Lotto via theLotter and I will win again. I have this weird feeling that I will win on theLotter a big sum of money.

But the most important thing of all is that theLotter is there for me when I have a question or problem. I will rate theLotter everywhere and whenever I can with excellent.

For me, it’s theLotter forever!

Which Lotteries Have Raffles?

If you're wondering, which lotto raffles you can play, here's the answer. theLotter offers a number of lotteries with additional raffles and winning opportunities:

Many of these raffles also offer additional prizes on a monthly basis or around holidays and special events, pay attention for even more opportunities to win huge prizes!

Give Yourself a Winning Opportunity

Austrian wins UK Lotto raffle

Jan only started playing with theLotter in October 2016 but he plays like a pro, with an impressive amount of wins to his name.

Jan really likes to play it global, he plays everything from neighboring German Lotto to New Zealand Powerball, Spain’s La Primitiva, and many, many more.

What made Jan decide to play UK Lotto on New Year’s Eve? Was it the excitement of 120 guaranteed £20,000 winners? We don’t know for sure, but it certainly paid off for him to have another winning opportunity in the raffle.

If you want an opportunity to win £20,000 like Jan did, or even an entire jackpot, you’ve got to make it happen: buy lottery tickets online now!