Play Bingo Scratch (S) Scratchcard Online

Game Features

Who says bingo is just for grandmas? This bingo-inspired scratchcard serves nine ways to instantly win exciting cash prizes when the numbers on your card are called!

Start playing Bingo Scratch Small by clicking over the stars to reveal the 30 bingo numbers. Then, click over your bingo card to see if you’ve matched the numbers in one of the 9 patterns needed to win a prize. Can’t wait to see if you can shout “Bingo!”? Simply click “Reveal All”.

Bingo Scratch (S) gives you a chance to match nine prizes with a return to player rate of 56.77%. Matching the entire card (24 numbers) will score you the jackpot prize of $5,000!

Try your luck at winning even bigger bingo prizes with Bingo Scratch (M) and Bingo Scratch (L).