Play Scratchcards Online for a Chance to Win Prizes Instantly

Play Scratchcards online for instant fun and excitement, not to mention, the chance to win a prize! If you hate to wait for lottery draws, or are looking for a jolt of fun in your day, play scratchcards online to scratch that itch and be satisfied. Choose which scratch game you’d like to play for a chance to win as much as €150,000 in a second.

Wondering how to choose which scratch game to play? Browse our Scratchcard categories to help you choose. We’ve made finding a game to play quick and easy. You can quickly sort by High Payout, Low Cost, and Popular to find a scratch game that suits you.

Scratch games are easy to play. Reveal your hidden numbers or symbols to see if you’ve got a winning match! Roll your mouse over the scratch area to reveal your assortment of numbers or symbols and see if you’ve won. Or, click ‘reveal all’ to see your entire assortment all at once. You could win the jackpot for a full match or an exciting secondary prize for a partial match! Find out if you’ve won immediately, no matter what the amount. You could be an instant winner!

Play any of our Scratchcard games in demo mode first to get the hang of it before moving on to the real thing, with real prizes.

Try out our exciting Scratchcard game themes! Each game offers a different theme for you to try. With incredible colors and graphics, our scratch cards are more than just lotteries, they are an experience not to be missed! Have fun matching shapes and symbols, as well as numbers, in our different scratch games. Of course, they all offer prizes, which only adds to the fun and excitement, not to mention your bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions About Scratchcards


Can I try out Scratchcards for free?


Yes! You can experience all the fun of playing the games in a demo mode. All you have to do is go to the page of the Scratchcard you’d like to try out and click "Play Demo" in the upper right corner. You’ll see how exciting the game is, although you will not win any real prizes. When you’re ready, play Scratchcards for the real thrills and instant wins!


Where can I find additional information about each Scratchcard?


Click each Scratchcard on this page to see information about the game's features; return to player rate; pay table; and odds of winning. You can also see how much you could win playing that Scratchcard and the number of prizes available for each prize tier.

Click My Account to see a summary of your Scratchcards.

For additional information, check our full list of frequently asked questions about Scratchcards.