Lottery Player in Russia Wins Big EuroMillions Prize

G.R. from Russia had a memorable trip to Spain in 2012. Instead of visiting the Prado Museum in Madrid or the watching the running of the bulls in Pamplona, G.R. travelled to beautiful Spain to collect his €144,240 EuroMillions prize! The lucky theLotter player matched all five main numbers and one Lucky Star when he chose to buy EuroMillions tickets for the draw on 8 June 2012, earning him the lottery’s huge second prize.

A history of winning on theLotter

theLotter customer support team was the first to congratulate G.R. on his win, the biggest of his 22 lottery wins at theLotter since joining the site in 2009. G.R. took advantage of a 5% discount when purchasing his victorious three-line EuroMillions ticket. After receiving confirmation of his win, G.R. traveled to Spain to meet with theLotter’s local representative, who helped him fill out all official paperwork and walked him step-by-step through the prize collection process at the local EuroMillions office.

Winning online at theLotter

In terms of second prizes, G.R.’s EuroMillions €144,240 payout ranks among some of the world’s best secondary prizes. G.R. has joined a growing group of players on theLotter who have recently won impressive secondary prizes from major international lotteries. On 22 April 2012, B.U. from the UK, won a $1 million Powerball second prize. His winnings would have been doubled to a staggering $2 million if he had opted for the Power Play prize multiplier add-on. On 20 March 2012, B.G. from Spain matched five Mega Millions winning numbers, awarding him the $250,000 second prize. He was theLotter’s third customer to win the lottery’s second prize!

Will the jackpot winner please stand up?

One month after the June draw, G.R. happily collected his EuroMillions prize and is now €144,240 richer. The draw in which G.R. won that sum -- the 2012/46 EuroMillions draw – was also a jackpot-winning event. One ticket sold in Belgium and another sold in the UK matched the winning numbers – 5, 11, 22, 34, 40 and Lucky Stars 9 and 11 -- earning each player half of the giant €156 million jackpot.

However, the story doesn't end there. The Belgian winner claimed their prize soon after the draw was completed, but the UK winner was nowhere to be seen. Camelot, the official lottery operator in the UK, searched for the owner of the £63.8 million ticket, sold in Hertfordshire to no avail. In December 2012, the £63.8 million prize remained unclaimed and officially expired. The prize amount went into the National Lottery's Good Causes fund for charity. It remains the largest unclaimed lottery prize in history. Not exactly a record someone wants to set.

Customers that play with theLotter don't have to worry about lost or unclaimed tickets like the 7 June EuroMillions UK tragedy. All tickets bought through theLotter are securely stored in safes at our local offices after the physical purchase has been completed. Customers who win any lottery prizes are contacted through SMS winner alerts and email, and by phone in the case of huge wins.