theLotter Wins Big in Historic Powerball Draw

historic powerball draw

US Powerball rang in the new year with massive style and a seemingly unstoppable rollover streak. The whole world was buzzing with excitement as the jackpot climbed higher and higher, breaking both jackpot and ticket sales records. US Powerball officially smashed Mega Millions' previous world jackpot record of $656 million on 13 January when three tickets split its unbelievable $1.6 billion jackpot. While we didn't have any jackpot winners this time around, theLotter crowned a new lottery millionaire! Tens of thousands of new players joined theLotter to play for the historic Powerball prize and one of them won the $1 million second prize by matching all five main numbers!

What a Man! El Salvador Pensioner Wins $1 Million in the Powerball

El Salvador Pensioner wins Powerball

The highly anticipated $1.6 billion US Powerball draw culminated in a spectacular fashion in Florida. The record-high US Powerball draw produced three American jackpot winners. It’s not known how much of the Powerball prize money will flow to foreign nationals, but the $1 million win by theLotter’s H. from El Salvador is a great start.

The 73-year-old pensioner H. from El Salvador is a grandfather and great-grandfather who can barely survive on his old-age pension, but when he saw there was $1.6 billion jackpot in the US he remembered his father used to say “If you want to win the lottery, all you need to do is buy a ticket”. So he signed up with theLotter, bought a 3-line Powerball ticket and got a confirmation email. Apparently, H. had a true insight how to win Powerball! The Thursday morning after the momentous draw, H. received a phone call from theLotter with the news he can now go and collect $1 million in Florida. He’d only just said to his wife that he’d woken up that morning with a strange premonition involving travel to America. After scooping up this fortune, H. can take his entire family along on that trip he dreamt about!

H. only lost out on the jackpot because he did not match the Powerball number 10.

We will soon publish an interview and more information about H.

More Winners in US Lotteries through theLotter

more winners in US lotteries

One of theLotter’s Powerball syndicates also won a large prize on Wednesday 13 January (congratulations to all the participants!), and on Saturday 9 January, the $50K third prize in the Powerball was won by an Australian using our services. These lucky winners follow in the footsteps of theLotter’s Iraqi jackpot winner of the Oregon Megabucks whose story went viral in December. All in all, theLotter has now helped its customers win a massive $43 million so far without charging any commission.

The Jackpot of Everyone’s Dreams

jackpot of everyone's dreams

The California state lottery was the first to tweet they had a jackpot winner and Tennessee and Florida soon followed suit. The Tennessee winners, John and Lisa Robinson, were the first to claim their prize publicly. Maureen Smith, a 70-year-old from Melbourne Beach, Florida, claimed her portion of the prize as the trustee of the 95 Nickel Trust. Both Tennessee and Florida winners opted for the lump sum option for a total cash payment each of $327.8 million. The California winner is still unknown.

Stats & Figures About $1.6 Billion Powerball

1.5 billion tickets were sold for the $1.6 billion jackpot draw and total prize money outside the jackpot category was a staggering $273,869,273.

Canadians especially were trying everything to get their hands on tickets. Some drove across the border to Washington state and New York, others had friends in the US secure their tickets. On our site, too, traffic surged over the past week. Thousands upon thousands of Canadians found their way to the website to join Europeans, Australians and Latin Americans, requesting the site’s couriers to get them their official Powerball tickets in the US.

Since theLotter is a courier service which buys real tickets at authorised retailers it needed to honour its promise to customers that it would purchase and scan their confirmed entry tickets. To enable this, theLotter limited its sales in Canada and closed its sales around the world earlier. Our apologies if this affected you. Ensure you play without interruption by getting a subscription to the biggest lottery jackpot in the world. That way you never miss a draw!

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