Nigerian Wins £20,000 UK Lotto Raffle Prize

From London to Lagos and beyond, UK Lotto raffles are moneymakers. A Nigerian playing from Lagos closed out 2017 with a fantastic win! He won a £20,000 UK Lotto raffle prize playing online with theLotter! Our lucky raffle winner wishes to enjoy his winnings anonymously, which we absolutely understand, so we’ll call him S. We can also call him smart, and lucky, of course, because he chose to play the UK Lotto where every entry counts for both the lottery and raffle draws! Other lotteries that offers players the chance to win both raffle and lottery prizes are the French Lotto and Spain EuroMillions! Read on and find out how S. won big in the UK Lotto’s supplementary raffle. Also, find out which lotteries on theLotter offer these amazing chances to win serious prizes!

How Do Lottery Raffles Work?

Some lotteries offer a supplemental raffle to give players another chance to win. To understand how these supplemental raffles work, let’s take a look at S.’s winning ticket.

S. played a three-line entry to the UK National Lottery draw on 9 December 2017. For each line he played, he automatically received an additional, unique code for the raffle that takes place alongside the lottery draw. In total, S. had six chances to win, three in the lottery and three more in the raffle! S.’s additional raffle number, AQUA 3201 8851, won £20,000!

It’s always possible that the lottery jackpot will roll over if no one guesses the drawn numbers correctly.

UK Lotto raffle winning ticket

The supplemental raffle draw, however, will always produce a winner. The raffle draw happens immediately after the lottery draw. A winning number is randomly chosen from the codes that were assigned to the purchased tickets. This way, it is guaranteed that there will be a winner.

A raffle winner will never have to share their prize because each assigned code is unique and therefore there will never be two matching codes.

The UK Lotto draw on 9 December 2017 in which S. won his £20,000 raffle prize had a jackpot of £13.9 million, which no one won. However, that same draw awarded one £1 million raffle prize and twenty £20,000 raffle prizes!

Winning Picks: Lotteries with Raffles

While theLotter no longer offers UK Lotto tickets, there are several raffle lotteries available when you play online:

Holidays and special occasions are always time for celebration and many of these lotteries offer additional raffle prizes to mark the occasion. In addition, most of these lotteries offer monthly special prizes!

Take a Winning Chance

Nigerian wins lottery raffle prize

S. has been playing with theLotter since August 2016. He has an Anglo angle to his lottery play, preferring US Powerball and Mega Millions, as well as UK EuroMillions and of course, UK Lotto. S. realized right away that British lotteries offer far bigger prizes than the leading African lottery draws.

If you’re chasing a big lottery win of your own, you can certainly follow S.’s example and play European lotteries with a supplementary raffle draw. Or, play for the world’s biggest jackpot! The important thing is that you give yourself a chance to win and play the lottery online now!