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Do you have a set of favourite numbers you like to play for a certain lottery? With the “My Lucky Numbers” feature you can save those numbers easily so you do not have to fill them out manually each time you play!

And the great thing is: you can store different sets of lucky numbers for each individual lottery!

How Do I Specify My Lucky Numbers?


Go to the Play Form of the lottery you wish to save numbers for and fill out your favourite numbers.


Click the floppy disk icon on the right of the “My Lucky Numbers” button to save your numbers.

Steps how to set lucky numbers from subscriptions

Next time you want to play that same lottery with your stored lucky numbers, just click the “My Lucky Numbers” button to populate the form.

Steps how to set lucky numbers

How Do I Change My Lucky Numbers for a Lottery?

If you want to change your lucky numbers for a lottery, you can do so at any time. Simply follow the above steps again (fill out your desired numbers and click the floppy disk icon) to overwrite the numbers you stored previously!

What About Lucky Numbers for a Lottery Subscription or Multi-Draw Package?

Are you already playing your subscription or multi-draw package with your lucky numbers? Do you want to change them? It’s easy! Simply follow the steps described above (i.e. go to the play request form of the lottery in question, specify the new numbers you wish to store and click on the floppy disk to save them).

You aren’t using your lucky numbers for a subscription or multi-draw package, but would like to change this? This is how you do it:

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Go to My Account.


Click on Subscriptions or Multi-Draw.


Go to the Subscription or Multi-Draw you wish to amend.


In the drop-down box under the section “Selected Numbers”, change to “From Lucky Numbers”.


Click on the Save button underneath.

Steps how to set lucky numbers from subscriptions Steps how to set lucky numbers from subscriptions

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with our dedicated service team!