Mega Millions Challenges Powerball Jackpot Hegemony

The Mega Millions lottery is the premier multi-state lottery in the US. It is often engaged in a neck and neck race for lottery supremacy with that other legendary powerhouse of lottery grandeur, the US Powerball. In recent months, Mega Millions draws have at times been overshadowed, but this week, US Powerball steps back into the ring with a whopping jackpot of $288 million, making it the world’s lotto darling once more. Play Mega Millions as it rises to great heights

Mega Millions Odds Are Better than its Rivals

Mega Millions offers you a 1 in 258 million chance to win the jackpot! Not saying it’s easy, but consider for a moment that Powerball’s odds are 1 in 292 million and some of its rivals have winning odds in excess of 1 in 622 million, and you’ll have to agree that winning Mega Millions is within your range of achievability!

Compared to the Powerball, the second prizes in the Mega Millions are huge! Select the Megaplier and your second prize in the Mega Millions will amount to a staggering $5 million!

If you sit by idly though, nothing will ever happen! Wait too long and the whole world will buy tickets, decreasing the chance that you win the jackpot.

So go on, buy tickets for the $508 million Mega Millions and change your life forever! All that’s required of you is to pick five main numbers from a range of 1 to 75 as well as one Mega Ball.

Mega Millions Held World Jackpot Record for Ages!

It wasn’t until recent, that the Mega Millions held the world record for biggest-ever jackpot: a staggering $656 million! Mega Millions set this personal best way back in 2012 and the American lottery stayed in its #1 spot on the list of all-time biggest lottery jackpots until January 2016, when US Powerball finally surpassed its rival with its now famous $1.58 billion jackpot.

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Playing Mega Millions Online

  • Anyone in the world can legally play the Mega Millions through a messenger service like theLotter.

  • theLotter has messengers physically go out and purchase official paper tickets for you from licensed resellers on time and we always provide a scanned copy of your original ticket, or a reasonable facsimile of your ticket, in your online account.

  • In 2009, T.K. from New York won a second prize of $250,000 in the Mega Millions through theLotter.

  • In 2011, a Swiss theLotter player won a second prize of $250K.

  • See our most recent online lottery winners and discover fun facts and anecdotes.

Important Mega Millions Facts

  • In 1996, Mega Millions began under the banner “Big Game” in six US states.

  • From January 2010, 43 states, Washington D.C. and the Virgin Islands offer Mega Millions tickets.

  • In March 2012 an incredible $656 million was won in the Mega Millions – this record jackpot was shared by three players from Kansas, Illinois and Maryland.

  • Since October 2013, the lottery’s amended odds ensure that potentially, Mega Millions jackpots could rise to the multi-billion dollar level.

  • In that same month in 2013, Mega Millions introduced its Megaplier, which enables players to multiply their secondary prizes to up to $5 million.