Play Slovakia Loto 5 z 35 Online

How to Play Slovakia loto 5 z 35 Online

How To Play Slovakian Loto 5 z 35 Online

Loto 5 z 35 is played by selecting 5 main numbers from a guess range of 1-35. Fill out the entry manually, by using your saved numbers in your personal account, or by using on the Quick Pick option for a set of randomly generated numbers. Before the draw, theLotter will upload a scanned copy of your official Slovakian lottery ticket into your account that can be used for viewing purposes and as proof of your ticket ownership. Learn all about our See Your Ticket Service!

Slovakia Loto 5 z 35 draws take place on Sundays and Wednesdays at 18:00 local time.

How to Win the Slovakia Loto 5 z 35 prizes

How to Win Slovakia Loto 5 z 35 Prizes

Loto 5 z 35 is a Slovak lottery favourite for a reason! This straightforward game has an easy-to-play format and gives players a fantastic chance of winning from the lottery’s three prize categories. To claim the Loto 5 z 35 jackpot prize, players must match all five of the winning numbers drawn. The top prize starts at €15,000 and has no jackpot cap, meaning it can grow to huge amounts before being won! With its small range of just 35 numbers, you have an incredible 1 in 324,632 chance of winning it. The two remaining prize divisions can be won by guessing 4 or 3 of the winning numbers drawn. Did you play? See the Loto 5 z 35 draw results shortly after every draw to see if you’ve won a prize!

How to Claim Slovakia Loto 5 z 35 Prizes at theLotter

How to Claim Your Slovakia Loto 5 z 35 Prize Online

When you win a Slovakian lottery prize while playing online at theLotter, you will be notified of your win via email or SMS shortly after the official draw results are announced. When you match a secondary Loto 5 z 35 prize, your winnings will be transferred to your personal account at shortly after the receipt of the prize from the official lottery operator. In the case of a jackpot win, which you are required to claim in person, theLotter may elect to pay for your flight to Slovakia!