Play Poland Lotto Online

How to Play Poland Lotto Online

How Do You Play Poland Lotto Online

No need to travel to Warsaw to play this Polish Lottery! To play Poland Lotto, select six numbers from a guess range of 1-49. Pick your numbers manually, using your saved Lucky Numbers, or the Quick Pick option. You can choose whether to purchase one-time entries or to guarantee future participation with a Polish Lotto subscription or a multi-draw package. See how we purchase official lottery tickets for you.

Poland Lotto draws take place Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 21:40 local

How to Win the Poland Lotto Jackpot

How Can You Win the Poland Lotto Jackpot?

To win the Poland Lotto jackpot prize, match all six of the winning numbers drawn. The Polish Lotto jackpot starts at zł2 million and can keep growing until it’s won! If your numbers are a partial match, you could still win prizes in the Polish lottery’s three additional prize divisions. This Polish lottery gives you pretty good odds of winning the jackpot, so be sure to check Poland Lotto draw results.

Learn more by checking out the official Polish Lotto website

How to Claim US Powerball Lottery Prizes at theLotter

How Do You Claim Poland Lotto Prizes Online?

Claiming your Poland Lottery prize online is easy. Once you’ve matched a prize, theLotter will immediately notify you of your win. After receipt of your Poland prize from a local lottery operator, your prize will be transferred into your online theLotter account for withdrawal. All prizes are paid out commission-free, so when you win, you get every penny of the prize! Poland lottery will award all prizes below PLN2,280 tax-free. Check out our Lottery Tax Guide for more information.