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Play Kazakhstan 5/36 Online

How to Play  Kazakhstan Loto 5/36 Online

How Do You Play Kazakhstan 5/36 Online?

5/36 is played by selecting five numbers from the guess range of 1-36. The small guess range gives you great odds of winning big at just 1:376,992 - one of the best jackpot-winning odds on our site! How do you pick your numbers? You can select them manually, by using your saved lucky numbers, or the Quick Pick feature for a set of randomly selected numbers.

In addition to standard tickets, theLotter offers multi-draw packages with up to 52 consecutive draws and lottery subscriptions that ensure you’re never missing out!

Kazakhstan 5/36 draws take place daily at 20:55 Astana time.

How to Win the  Kazakhstan Loto 5/36 Lottery Jackpot

How Do You Win the Kazakhstan 5/36 Jackpot?

You’ll get pretty great odds at winning this Kazakhstani jackpot. If the five numbers on your ticket match the ones selected at the draw - congratulations! The 5/36 jackpot prize starts at a minimum KZ₸3 million (approximately US$7k). This amount can grow with each rollover and currently has a record of KZ₸84,472,400 (approximately US$181k) which was won on 4 March 2023. While this may not seem like much compared to some of our bigger lotteries, we think that it's worth playing for the fantastic odds of winning it alone! You also have a chance at claiming the draw’s 3 secondary prizes when you match 4, 3, or 2 numbers. Be sure to check the Kazakhstan results after every draw to see if you’ve a won.

How to Claim  Kazakhstan Loto 5/36 Prizes at theLotter

How Can I Claim Kazakhstan Lottery Prizes Online?

Claiming Kazakhstani lottery prizes online is easy! Once you match a prize, theLotter will notify you via email/SMS with the details of your win. Once the winnings are received from the official lottery operator, they will be transferred to your online theLotter account for withdrawal. All prize divisions, including the jackpot, will be paid out commission-free! Any Kazakhstani lottery winnings over wins over KZ₸17,502 are taxed at a rate of 10% for residents and 20% for non-residents.