Play Japan Loto 7 Online

How to Play Japan Loto 7 Online

How to Play Japan Loto 7 Online

To play what is likely seen as the most exciting online lottery Japan has to offer, simply purchase your official Loto 7 tickets right here. Fill out each ticket with seven numbers from a 1-37 guess range. Play Loto 7 with one-time entries, take out a subscription, or play with a multi-draw package. Play additional lotteries from all over the world by purchasing your lotto tickets online!

Japan Loto 7 draws take place on Fridays at 18:30 local time. Make sure to purchase your tickets in time for the next draw!

How to Win the Japan Loto 6 lottery Jackpot

How to Win the Japan Loto 7 Lottery Jackpot

The Loto 7 jackpot is awarded to any player who matches all seven numbers drawn in the 1-37 guess range. This popular Japan lottery online has a starting jackpot of ¥600 million that can cap at ¥1 billion (approximately $9 million). Loto 7 also offers five secondary prize divisions. Two bonus balls are drawn to determine winners of the 2nd and 6th prize tiers. All Japan Loto 7 prizes are awarded to winners tax-free! Check Loto 7 draw results to see if you won prizes in this exciting Japanese lottery!