Play Otoslotto Online

How to Play Hungary Ötöslottó Online

How Do You Play Hungary Otoslotto Online?

Exciting Hungarian lottery action is just a click away! Fill out your online Hungary Otoslotto entry five numbers between 1 and 90 to play. Choose your numbers manually, with the Quick Pick feature, or by using your saved Lucky Numbers. When playing online, you have the option of buying a standard one-time entry, or playing with a subscription or a multi-draw package to guarantee your participation in upcoming Otoslotto draws.

Play the weekly Hungary Otoslotto online every Saturday at 18:30, local Hungarian time. While you are waiting for the next draw, you can buy official lottery tickets to a wide range of other lotteries from around the world.

Save on Hungarian Lottery Tickets Online

How to Save on Hungarian Otoslotto Lottery Tickets

Playing the lottery online gives you the advantage of discounts and deals that you won’t get while playing at your local retailer. In addition to special promotions, theLotter offers Subscriptions, which will enter you into every draw while giving you every 10th ticket free of charge, and Multi-Draw Packages, which allow you to enter a set number of consecutive draws with up to 20% off your tickets!

How to Win the Hungary Ötöslottó Jackpot

How Can You Win the Hungary Otoslotto Jackpot?

Did you win the Hungary Otoslotto jackpot? Check the latest Ötöslottó results and find out! If the numbers on your ticket match the five numbers selected in the draw, the jackpot prize is yours! This top prize starts at Ft 100 million to Ft 200 million and will keep rolling over until it's won. If you make a partial match, you could win tax-free cash prizes from the lottery’s three additional prize divisions.

Hungary Otoslotto set a new record on on 24 February 2024 when a Ft 6,523,768,955 jackpot ($ 18.1 million) was won after more than 200 days! The previous Otoslotto jackpot record of Ft 6,431,516,010 ($ 18 million) was awarded to a single winner on 28 March 2020.

How to Win the Hungary Ötöslottó Jackpot

theLotter's Hungary Otoslotto Lottery Winners

  • 29/4/2023 - S.R. from Brazil won Ft 573,740.
  • 15/6/2019 - A player from Ukraine won Ft 1.65 million.