Play Hatoslotto Online

How to Play Hungary Hatoslottó Online

How Do You Play Hungary Hatoslottó Online?

Play exciting Hungarian lottery Hatoslottó by choosing six numbers between 1 and 45. When you play online at theLotter, you can choose your numbers manually, with the Quick Pick option, or by using your saved Lucky Numbers. If you want to ensure that you never miss a draw, take out a subscription or buy a multi-draw package. After you make your purchase, you will see a copy of your official ticket scanned into your account as part of our lottery courier service.

Hungary Hatoslottó draws take place every week on Sundays at 15:50, local Hungarian time. 

How to Win the Hungary Hatoslottó Jackpot

How Can You Win the Hungary Hatoslottó Jackpot?

To win this Hungarian lottery, you need to match all six of the winning numbers drawn. The Hatoslottó jackpot prize starts at approximately Ft 60 million to Ft 100 million and will keep growing for up to a year, in which a must-be-won draw will be staged. If there are still no jackpot winners, it will be split amongst the next highest prize division winners. Hatoslottó’s biggest jackpot was recorded at Ft 2,958,307,350 (€9,255,825). There are also another three prize categories that you can win by matching 5, 4, or 3 of the winning numbers. The odds of winning prizes when you play Hatoslottó online are very favourable, and the fact that prizes are paid out tax-free make it a highly popular lottery. Check the Hungary Hatoslottó results to see if you won lottery prizes!

How Do You Claim Your Hatoslottó Prizes?

How to Claim Hungary Hatoslottó Prizes Online at theLotter?

When you match a prize while playing Hatoslottó online at theLotter, we will immediately notify you with the details of your win. Once we receive the prize from a lottery operator on your behalf, the money will be transferred directly to your theLotter account where you can withdraw at your leisure. All Hatoslottó prizes are paid out tax-free and commission-free, meaning the prize advertised is the prize you’re going to receive!