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How to Play Australia Powerball Online

How to Play Powerball Australia Online

Play Australia Powerball with seven numbers from 1-35 and an additional number, the Powerball, from 1-20. When the Aussie lotto passes AU$10 million, rollovers jump AU$10 million or more, which allows the Australia Powerball jackpot to quickly grow to big 8-figure sums! Use your Lucky Numbers, manual selection, or random selection (quick pick) to buy official lottery tickets online, and see a graphic representation of your ticket in your account before the draw with theLotter’s See Your Ticket Service.

Australia Powerball is drawn on Thursdays at 10:45am GMT and theLotter offers one-time regular entries as well as systematic forms. Find out more about How it Works.

Five Out of Eight Australia Powerball Prize Divisions Use the Powerball

Six out of Nine Powerball Australia Prize Divisions Use the Powerball

Powerball Australia has a total of nine prize divisions, including one for matching just two out of seven main numbers and the Powerball! The overall odds of winning any Powerball prize are 1 in 44. Match the seven main numbers and the Powerball to take home the multi-million dollar Australian Powerball jackpot!

Save on Australia Powerball Tickets Online

Save on Australia Powerball Tickets Online

Enjoy amazing discounts on Australia Powerball when you play official lottery online at theLotter! Save up to 25% when you buy a 5, 10, 25 or 52-draw Australia Powerball multi-draw, purchase a Bundle with a built-in discount, or perhaps you prefer every 10th ticket free with your Powerball subscription package. theLotter VIP club gives loyal players additional discounts of up to 20% on all online purchases!

How to Win the Australia Powerball Jackpot

How to Win the Australia Powerball Jackpot

Match all seven numbers and the Aussie Powerball number to win your share of the Australian Powerball jackpot. Powerball Australia’s top prize starts at AU$3,000,000 and keeps on rolling until it is won! The record Australia Powerball jackpot of AU$150 million was won in the 19 September 2019 draw by 3 lucky players from Sydney and Queensland, Australia. Each winner will receive AU$50 million each! This jackpot is currently the largest prize ever awarded in Australia lottery history! The biggest Powerball jackpot claimed by a single ticket was set by a mother from Sydney who in January 2019 captured a prize of AU$107,575,649.08. This is Australia’s biggest individual prize in history. You could become the next Australian Powerball jackpot winner if you get your tickets in time for the upcoming draw!

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theLotter’s Australian Australia Powerball Winner

theLotter’s Australian Powerball Winner

R.D. from Australia won at a local lottery playing online at theLotter. A fan of both the Australia and US Powerball, R.D. joined early in 2013 and won a fantastic AU$6,427 third place prize in the 2 May 2013 Aussie Powerball draw for matching 5+PB. If he had also matched the sixth main number selected, R.D. would have won a share of a AU$60,000,000 jackpot!

How to Claim Australia Powerball Prizes at theLotter

How to Claim Australia Powerball Prizes at theLotter

Win one of Australia Powerball’s eight great prize divisions and receive free win alerts via email and SMS, courtesy of theLotter. Prizes will go straight into your account after results are published and after the prize has been received from the official lottery operator, Larger prizes may need to be collected in person. Australia Powerball prizes are tax-FREE!

How Does Australia Powerball compare to the US Powerball?

How Does the Australia Powerball Compare to the US Powerball?

When you buy a Powerball ticket to the Australia Powerball lottery, you select seven main numbers (from 1- 35) compared to the five main numbers (from 1 – 69) you choose when you play US Powerball. The extra Powerball number in the Aussie lottery is selected from a guess range of 1-20 while in the American lottery, you choose the Powerball number from a guess range of 1-26.

Latest News About Australia Powerball

Interesting News About Australia Powerball

The record-breaking Australia Powerball jackpot AU$150 million has been won in the Thursday, 19 September draw! Three lucky players from Sydney, South Brisbane and another winner from Queensland will each receive a massive AU$50 million! The winning numbers were 31  26  18  17  8  5 and 4 and a Powerball number of 9. One of the winners, who hails from Sydney, said that he had bought his ticket at the last minute thanks to his coworkers who, like most of the country, were all entering the Thursday night draw. "I thought, 'You've got to be in it to win it' so I bought - and I am so glad I did." Both he and his wife had a hard time believing their incredible stroke of luck! Another winner from South Brisbane who also wished to remain anonymous said he was “incredibly overwhelmed” after finding out he had matched the winning numbers. He plans to use his AU$50 million prize to build a house, travel, and spend more quality time with his family. The third winner has yet to come forward, though lottery officials do know the winning ticket was bought in Queensland and are urging all players to check their tickets.

Australia Powerball's second biggest jackpot prize of AU$110 million was won in the 18 July draw by 3 very lucky players from South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. Each winner will take home an incredible AU$36.6 million. Congratulations!

After an exciting rollover series, Powerball offered a record AU$100 million jackpot prize in its draw on 17 January 2019. A single ticket purchased by a Sydney mother in her 40’s won the entire jackpot prize worth AU$107 million! When asked about what she was going to do with her prize winnings, she said that a top priority is sharing it with her family. She also intends on donating to causes she cares about and maybe buy a caravan to travel around in. “I’m not sure how I will be able to sleep tonight, but for now I’m going to go have a cheap glass of chardonnay!”