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What is a Subscription?

When you subscribe to a lottery, you play in every consecutive draw with your pre-selected numbers, ensuring that you never miss a chance to win. Another perk of playing with a Subscription is that you also get every 7th ticket FREE!
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Sit Back & Let the Prizes Come to You!

Many of our players have found success playing their favourite lotteries with a subscription! Check out these big winners who won their prizes with online lottery subscriptions:

South Korean player, H.S.L. scored a €1 million El Millón raffle prize in July 2019 while being subscribed to EuroMillions!

Our biggest winner, A. from Panama, won a massive $30 million jackpot in July 2017. How did her subscription to Florida Lotto help? It made sure she didn’t miss the draw!

Nataliia from Ukraine took home a $1 million prize from a Mega Millions draw in September 2017! At the time, she had a subscription to Mega Millions.

Since 2002, theLotter has paid out more than $110 million in lottery prizes on over 7 million winning tickets. Subscribe to a lottery and boost your chances of joining the lucky players who have won prizes playing online with theLotter!