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Sweden - Lotto Prize Breakdown


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The Swedish Lotto is one of the oldest lotteries in the world and offers a traditional play format that has become a popular Scandinavian tradition. The lottery offers two drawings as well as four bonus balls to increase players’ chances of winning with every ticket.

Swedish Lotto History

The original Swedish Lotto was created in 1896 and underwent many changes until becoming the modern Swedish Lotto, which was officially launched in 1980 and is run by the ‘Svenska Spel’ Company. The largest jackpot of SEK144 Million (US$21 million), was won in 2005 by a single player.

Swedish Lotto Rules

To play the Swedish Lotto, players select seven numbers from a guess range of 1-35. This Swedish Lotto is unique in its way of increasing the chances of winning by first drawing two different sets of winning numbers upon each drawing occasion and by offering four bonus numbers for each set. The bonus numbers are drawn from the same drum as the regular guess set and can be counted towards the second prize only.

Winning the Swedish Lotto

There are five Swedish Lotto prize categories and to win the jackpot, players must correctly guess all seven regular numbers. The Sweden Lotto increases the chances of winning by drawing two different sets of winning numbers with each draw. It also offers four bonus numbers for each set, meaning that 22 balls are drawn every Wednesday and Saturday. The bonus numbers are not used towards the jackpot, but count towards the second place prize only. All the prizes are offered in a one-time, cash payment only.

The Swedish Lotto ’s tax-free jackpot starts from SEK3 million and continues to grow with each rollover until there is a winner, unhindered by a jackpot cap.

The largest Swedish Lotto jackpot won was SEK144 million (US$21 million) and claimed in 2005 by one winner.

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Swedish Lotto Anecdotes

Modest Millionaires - In February 2011, a professor from the University of Gothenberg did a study that involved interviewing 420 Swedish Lotto winners. They found that contrary to popular belief, the majority of winners had not only stayed in their jobs, but in fact, their lives remained fairly unchanged. “Most of them prefer to save the money as security for the future rather than dramatically changing their lives during a shorter period,” said Professor Hedenus, the author of the lottery study.

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