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Lottario is a Canadian lottery from the Ontario province. Fans are attracted to Lottario's competitive uncapped jackpots and tax-free prizes; in addition, Lottario winning odds start an exceptional 1:21.

Ontario Lottario History

Operated by the OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation), which is responsible for the Ontario lottery games and gaming facilities. The Lottario lotto’s first draw took place over 30 years ago, on 18 November 1978. The largest jackpot to date was achieved on 5 December 1992 draw by a single winner who took C$3.6 million home .

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Ontario Lottario Rules

Starting at a minimum jackpot of C$250,000, the Lottario requires players to choose six numbers from a 1-45 number range to take home the top prize. In addition, a bonus number is also drawn and counted towards the 2nd place prize only. Players on theLotter can select to fill in either 6 line or 10 line forms.

Lottario draws occur weekly on Saturdays at 9pm eastern time (GMT-5). Read information on lottery draws from around the world.

Winning the Ontario Lottario

For players to collect the Lottario jackpots, six numbers must be matched. At the time of the draw, a bonus ball is also drawn from the same drum as the first six balls. This Canadian lottery offers five prize categories, and all wins must be claimed within one year of the draw.

With great winning odds starting at 1:21, Lottario players can take home tax-free prizes and uncapped jackpots beginning at C$250,000. If there is more than one winner in a prize category, winners will share the sum allotted to the category.

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Ontario Lottario Anecdotes

Banker banks lottery win – Bryan Olson, a retired banker, finally got to feel cash flowing through his fingers without having to hand it out to clients. As a regular Lottario player, his patience finally paid off as he entered the 27th August 2011 draw – and won C$250,000! With his experience in finance, Olson quickly decided how to invest his win: “I’m going to help my son with his student loan but I plan on investing the rest,” he said.

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