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Japan - Loto 7 Winning Numbers

  • 15212223272837825

Japan - Loto 7 Prize Breakdown

Japan - Loto 7 Lottery Information

Guess Range 7/37
Offered In Japan
(Local draw time)
Jackpot Type CASH
Tax Requirement Lottery prizes are paid out tax-free. Check the tax laws in your country of residence for any further local taxation you may be subject to.

Chances to win Japan - Loto 7

Divisions Match Winning Odds
1 Prize 7 1:10,295,472
2 Prize 6+1 1:735,391
3 Prize 6 1:52,528
4 Prize 5 1:1,127
5 Prize 4 1:72
6 Prize 3+2 1:42
7 Prize 3+1 1:42
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How to Check the Japan Loto 7 Draw Results

All you need to do is compare the numbers on your ticket to the winning numbers drawn.This includes the 7 main numbers and 2 bonus balls. These bonus numbers from the same pool and create the 2nd, 6th, and 7th prize divisions. If you’ve managed to correctly match all 7 of the winning numbers, you’re a Loto 7 jackpot winner! You can check out the prize-breakdown table below to see if you’ve matched any of the lottery’s six non-jackpot prizes. The Loto 7 jackpot starts at approximately ¥600 million (approx. €5.1 million) with a cap of ¥1 billion (approx. €8.4 million). As Loto 7 prices depend on ticket sales, the exact amounts can fluctuate depending on the sales revenue. Learn more about the Japanese lotteries that you can win from at theLotter!

Visit the official Japan Loto 7 webpage for more information.

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See if you’re a Loto 7 winner from wherever you are! Sign up here, and you’ll receive FREE Loto 7 Japan results sent directly to your email after every draw! You can also download the free theLotterapp for iPhone, iPad, and Android. You’ll get access to the latest results and information for lotteries and check your winning numbers up to ten draws back! In addition, you will also be able to select your lucky numbers, find draw schedules, and sign up for free Results Alerts and Jackpot Alerts for the next Japan Loto 7 draw - all from the palm of your hand!