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The Israel Lotto is the only lotto in the world that was created alongside its hosting country, Israel, and is older than any of the US or UK lotteries. Israel Lotto offers some of the country’s top lottery prizes with exceptional winning odds owing to the lottery’s narrow 1-37 guess range.

Israel Lotto History

The Israel Lotto was released in 1951 and was renamed the New Lotto in 2009. The highest jackpot of NIS 28 million ($7.7 million) was won on 19 December in 2017 by a single winner.

Israel Lotto Rules

The Israel Lotto is played by selecting six numbers out of a guess range of 1-37 as well as an additional ‘Chazak’ (Hebrew meaning strong) number from a separate matrix of 1-7. The additional number is needed to win the jackpot as well as the third, fifth and seventh prize out of the eight prize divisions.

The Israel New Lotto is drawn every Tuesday and Saturday at 23:00 GMT and the draw closes approximately three hours prior on the site. Lottery results are available on theLotter at 7:00 GMT the following morning.

Winning the Israel Lotto

Players can win the Lotto jackpot by successfully matching 6/37 numbers and the additional ‘chazak’ number from a guess range of 1-7. The lottery has eight prize categories, and the additional number is required to win both the jackpot, the third, fifth and seventh winning prize divisions. The jackpot starts at NIS 4 million. All secondary prizes up to NIS 5,000 are not taxed, while wins above NIS 5,000 are taxed at approximately 25%. All wins are paid out in a one-time cash payment at the Mifal Hapayis headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel.

95% of the proceeds received by Mifal Hapayis from the Israeli Lotto go back to community organizations including health care, welfare, education, senior citizen care facilities, and many more.

In December of 2017, one player took the highest Israel New Lotto jackpot of NIS 28 million ($7.7 million).

Israel Lotto Anecdotes

The Israeli Lotto administrator, Mifal Hapayis, was originally created solely for the purpose of distributing funds to Israeli organizations for more than half a century. The original goal of Mifal Hapayis was to raise funds for a Tel-Aviv hospital in the early years of the state.  After achieving its founding goal, Mifal Hapayis decided to continue the lottery to fund healthcare as well as education, art and cultural initiatives.

Visit Israel Lotto's official site here, for more information.