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Since it began in 2008, Israel Double Lotto has attracted fans with a combination of huge prizes and the attractive winning odds produced by the lottery’s record-small guess range of only 37 numbers.

Israel Double Lotto History

The Israel National Lottery, or Mifal Hapayis in Hebrew, was introduced in 1950, and the first national draw was held on October 16, 1951. Israel Double Lotto was introduced in 2008 with the goal of providing players with a larger jackpot; double that of the original Israel Lotto. Owing to the lottery’s huge prizes, the Double Lotto has become the most popular lottery in Israel in recent years.

Double Lotto’s largest jackpot, NIS 74 million ($19.7 million), was won by an Israeli couple on December 26, 2009.

Israel Double Lotto Rules

The Double Lotto uses a two-drum lottery system, drawing lottery balls out of two separate machines. To play the lottery online with theLotter, select 6 numbers from a guess range of 1-37 and an additional number from a guess range of 1-7. This additional number, called a Chazak Number (“Strong Number” in Hebrew) is selected from a separate matrix. The additional number is required to win the jackpot and applies to 3 out of the 7 secondary prizes (5+PB, 4+PB, and 3+PB).

Players can select a form of 4 or 8 lines or enter the draw with a systematic form of 8, 9, 10 or 11 numbers. A systematic form produces all possible combinations of the selected numbers and increases players’ chances of winning a prize.  Players can choose numbers manually , have the numbers randomly selected by the system (Quick Pick), or draw the number selection from your saved lucky numbers (My Numbers). Additionally, players can ensure they are entered into all lottery draws as well as receive exclusive discounts with a Subscription or with a Multi-Draw package, exclusively at theLotter.

Double Lotto drawings take place on Tuesday and Saturday at 23:00 GMT. 

Winning the Double Lotto

To win the Double Lotto jackpot, players must successfully match all 6 numbers of the regular guess set and the additional number. There are 7 secondary prize categories that award players for matching at least 3 of the main numbers drawn, with or without the additional number. The Double Lotto jackpot starts at NIS 8 million ($2.1 million), twice the starting jackpot of the Israel New Lotto.

Since May 2010, the jackpot has been capped at NIS 56 million. Once the jackpot hits its cap, the secondary prizes increase by 50% until the jackpot is won. In the Double Lotto, the second place prize also rolls over, which has pushed its value up into the millions of shekels.

All Double Lotto prizes are paid in a lump sum cash payment. Prizes up to NIS 54,959 are tax free, and any winnings above that amount are subject to 25% tax.

Double Lotto offers players favourable winning odds, with the overall odds of winning a prize at 1 in 18.8, and a narrow guess range of 1-37 in the regular guess set.

Double Lotto handed out its biggest jackpot, NIS 74 million ($19.7), in December 2009. This huge jackpot rolled over for 22 weeks before it was won by a young Israeli couple. It took the lottery winners 3 months to collect their winnings. Other big wins include a NIS 42 million ($11.2 million) jackpot from November 2010 and a NIS 36 million ($9.6 million) jackpot from June 2011.

Double Lotto Statistics

Since the founding of Mifal Hapayis, NIS 20 billion has been donated to hospital services, the education system, welfare, culture and art. The statistics report that 95% of all money raised by Mifal Hapayis gets returned to Israeli citizens.

Double Lotto Anecdote

Beginners Luck - On June 25, 2011, a 60 year-old Israeli woman, mother of 7 and grandmother of 18, won both the first and second prize in the Double Lotto. The woman admitted that on most weeks, her husband purchased their lottery tickets, and they never won. Frustrated from their repeated failure, she decided she would purchase the weekly lottery tickets. In her first week, this woman had a profound impact on the couple’s luck,  winning both the first and second prize for a  NIS 36 million ($9.6 million).

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