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Fill out a Dupla Sena lottery ticket with six numbers to double your winning odds with two  lottery jackpots in each draw! Pick six out of 50 numbers and watch as they are entered into two separate draws, qualifying you for six different prizes each Tuesday and Friday.

Brazil - Dupla Sena Winning Numbers

  • 31630384350

Brazil - Dupla Sena Prize Breakdown


  • 81922303442

Brazil - Dupla Sena Prize Breakdown


Brazil Dupla Sena Results Online at theLotter

The Dupla Sena Lotto is one of Brazil’s premier lotto with a unique format that offers players the ability to enter a single set of numbers in two consecutive draws.

Dupla-Sena Lotto History

The Dupla-Sena was first introduced by the Caixa Company in November of 2001 in the wake of the success of its predecessor, the Mega-Sena. The Dupla -Sena lottery was well received by lottery fans in Brazil and produced a record jackpot of R$11 million ($5.37 million) in 2010.

Dupla-Sena Lotto Rules

To play Dupla-Sena, players choose six numbers out of a guess range of 1-50. The Dupla-Sena increases players’ winning odds by drawing two different sets of numbers in every draw.

Players can choose to play with a three line entry or can select a systematic form, producing all possible entry combinations of 8, 9, 10, or 11 numbers and increasing the chances of winning a prize. Additionally, players can choose to use preselected numbers (My Numbers), the random number generator (Quick Pick) or can manually select their numbers (Natural Selection).

theLotter enables customers to keep up with the Dupla-Sena Lotto’s jackpots and rollovers while enjoying ultimate value with a Subscription for every 10th entry free or a Multi-Draw package for up to 25% off the regular cost of participation when purchasing draws in advance.

Online lotto ticket sales at theLotter close three hours prior to the Dupla  Sena draw that takes place every Thursday and Friday at 20:00 PM GMT . Lottery results are available on theLotter at 7:30 GMT Friday and Saturday.

Winning the Dupla-Sena Lotto

The Dupla-Sena also boasts some of the best jackpot winning odds in all of South America due to its unique double draw format. To claim the Dupla-Sena Lotto jackpot, players must correctly guess 6 numbers from a range of 1-50. The Dupla-Sena jackpot starts at R 300,000, and there are no jackpot or rollover caps.  The lottery offers three prize categories starting with the first place prize for six correctly matched numbers, in addition to prizes for matching 5 and 4 numbers. Jackpot winners can collect their prize in annual payments or receive a lump sum, and winnings are taxed at 13.8%.

Winners have 90 days following their win to claim prizes. If a prize goes unclaimed, the money will be given to the Fund for Student Financing of Higher Education.

Dupla-Sena Lotto Statistics

From the lottery proceeds, an estimated 33% are given to government organizations, another 40% is allocated to administrative upkeep, and all remaining funds are put towards the prize fund.

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