EuroMillions and UK Millionaire Maker Information

Guess Range 5/50 + PB 2/12
Hosted in U.K.
(Local draw time)
Jackpot Type CASH
Tax Requirement At present, we do not offer ticket purchasing service for this lottery online. To check your liability for taxation at source, we urge you to check the website of the official operator. Check the tax laws in your country of residence for any further local taxation you may be subject to.

Chances to win U.K. - EuroMillions and UK Millionaire Maker

Divisions Match Winning Odds
1 Prize 5+2PB 1:139,838,160
2 Prize 5+PB 1:6,991,908
3 Prize 5 1:3,107,515
4 Prize 4+2PB 1:621,503
5 Prize 4+PB 1:31,076
6 Prize 4 1:13,812
7 Prize 3+2PB 1:14,126
8 Prize 3+PB 1:707
9 Prize 3 1:314
10 Prize 2+2PB 1:986
11 Prize 2+PB 1:50
12 Prize 2 1:22
13 Prize 1+2PB 1:188

U.K. - EuroMillions and UK Millionaire Maker Information

EuroMillions & UK Millionaire Maker offers EuroMillions' world-renowned jackpots in addition to a unique opportunity to win a guaranteed £1 million prize alongside every EuroMillions draw with the UK Millionaire Maker.

EuroMillions & UK Millionaire Maker History

EuroMillions held its first draw in 2004 in the Paris headquarters of the EuroMillions lottery, a multi-national lotto combining the strength of the UK, France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland. In November 2009, EuroMillions and Millionaire Raffle introduced the UK Millionaire Raffle, which gives each EuroMillions and Millionaire Raffle ticket-holder great chances at winning an extra £1 million, irrespective of the draw’s winning numbers. The name was changed to UK Millionaire Maker in October 2014.

EuroMillions & UK Millionaire Maker Rules

EuroMillions & UK Millionaire Maker is played identically to the EuroMillions, by choosing 5 numbers in a 1-50 guess range and 2 additional numbers, called Lucky Stars, between 1 and 12. The Lucky Stars enable participants to create winning combinations for both the jackpot and eight of the 12 secondary prize categories.

A unique and randomly generated nine-digit alpha-numeric code is printed on all EuroMillions & UK Millionaire Maker tickets. This code will automatically be entered in the UK Millionaire Maker which decides who wins a guaranteed £1 million prize.

Players who enjoy playing EuroMillions & UK Millionaire Maker, may want to also play the UK Lotto or try the Thunderball lottery, both from the UK National Lottery.

Winning the EuroMillions & UK Millionaire Maker

To win the EuroMillions and Millionaire Raffle jackpot, successfully match all 5 main numbers and 2 Lucky Stars selected in the draw. Match a variety of combinations ranging from at least two main numbers to three, four, or five main numbers and one or two Lucky Stars to win one of EuroMillions' 12 tax-free secondary prizes.

To win the UK Millionaire Maker £1 million prize, a line’s code must match the code randomly selected from the Automated Draw Machine. Players at theLotter will be automatically notified in the event of a win, directly to their personal email.

Some of the biggest EuroMillions and Millionaire Raffle jackpots to date include a £113 million jackpot won in October 2010 and a £148.6 million jackpot won by the Bayfords in August 2012. The EuroMillions and Millionaire Raffle record is a staggering £161 million, set in July 2011 by Chris and Colin Weir. The Bayfords' August 2012 win was actually higher in euros than the Weirs' (€190 million vs €185 million), but due to a favourable exchange rate, the jackpot record goes to the Weirs.

EuroMillions and Millionaire Raffle Anecdotes

EuroMillions and Millionaire Raffle millionaire finds winning ticket three months later! - Millionaire Jane O’Brien had been walking around with quite a valuable bag for three months without even knowing it! Twelve weeks after buying a EuroMillions and Millionaire Raffle lottery ticket, which includes a code for the biweekly millionaire raffle, this 36-year-old went through her handbag over breakfast getting rid of old paperwork and trash. It was then that she came across her forgotten lottery ticket. Luckily for her she decided to check the winning results before chucking that piece of paper - which turned out to be worth £1 million! O’Brien is known for being one of those people who is constantly day-dreaming; good thing she was wise enough to check her life-changing win - perhaps this incident will make her always double-check every detail!

Learn About EuroMillions and Millionaire Maker Raffle Draws

EuroMillions and UK Millionaire Maker enhances the multi-national EuroMillions Lottery by offering the UK Millionaire Maker in addition to each traditional EuroMillions draw. A EuroMillions & UK Millionaire Maker ticket enters players to win some of Europe’s largest jackpots, such as the pan-European lottery's €190 million record from August 2012, 12 secondary prizes, and the Millionaire Maker, which awards a guaranteed £1 million prize in each draw. Check EuroMillions and Millionaire Maker results here!