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What Will Happen if EuroMillions Rolls Over Again and Hits its Cap?

23 Jun 2013

With a €185 million top prize on offer in this Tuesday’s draw, EuroMillions’ € 190 million jackpot cap is a fraction of a rollover away for Europe’s premier lottery! Such a scenario would trigger special rules that are explained below.

Friday night’s €166 million EuroMillions went without a jackpot winner giving the lottery its seventh consecutive rollover and a €185 million top prize on Tuesday, June 25th! Of the 28 players who managed to match all five regular numbers (10, 11, 30, 36 and 45) on the weekend, eight of those correctly guessed one of the two Lucky Stars (drawn as 1 and 2) to take home huge second place prizes worth €409,039 (more than half a million US dollars) in draw 2013/600.

The continued elusiveness of EuroMillions’ second additional number inspires an 11.44% jump of €19 million between draws and brings the Euro lotto to within just €5 million of its official jackpot cap. EuroMillions retains the #1 spot on theBig list of the world’s largest lottery jackpots and should nobody win Tuesday’s €185 million EuroMillions top prize, it is guaranteed to stay on top in the run up to a €190 million Friday draw!

EuroMillions’ Jackpot Cap

The idea of a EuroMillions jackpot cap traces its origins back to the 2004 launch of what is now Europe’s premier lottery. Founding states France, Spain and the UK all felt that it would be more equitable to ensure prize funds were distributed with reasonable regularity, rather than being allowed to grow without a limit to the benefit of only a handful of eventual winners. With this in mind a rollover limit of 12 consecutive draws was set.

In March 2009, all nine participating states agreed to amend the rule to take jackpot value into account ahead of rollover activity, with a sliding cap that would increase by €5 million once won. The current €190 million jackpot cap was set after a €185 million top prize was won on 12th July 2011, adding €5 million to the jackpot potential.

Third Time Lucky

On 17th February 2012, EuroMillions lottery officials fixed the jackpot cap at €190 million, meaning that the first win at that value would set the EuroMillions jackpot record! It took until late summer when EuroMillions UK winners Adrian and Gillian Bayford won the tax-free top prize in August 2012.

The third time the Bayfords bought a ticket and they became one of the richest couples in Europe and took home £148 million! Even though exchange rates have and may again allow a bigger win in pounds sterling, the Bayfords will remain the original EuroMillions record holders when measured in Euros.

Silver Becomes Sexy

Everyone wants to go for gold but with the February 2012 EuroMillions jackpot cap rules, silver can feel just as good! Should Friday’s draw offer the jackpot cap of €190 million (for the first time since the Bayford’s win) and see no winners, the draw that will be held the following Tuesday would offer the same amazing top prize, with a twist: If there are no jackpot winners in the second draw where the top prize matches the jackpot cap, all funds will roll down to the first prize category that has at least one winner.

Six weeks ago, the first winning prize tier was actually the third prize (for matching five regular numbers without either Lucky Star), although as that hadn’t happened since 22nd June 2012, it is more likely the entire jackpot will be split amongst second place prize division winners matching five main numbers and one of two Lucky Stars. Just two possibilities are for one such player to take home the entire €190 million or for 10 people to each receive €19 million. Whatever happens, this is surely one of the most exciting times to play for a EuroMillions win!